Wednesday, July 31, 2013

     Well, we finally received a letter from Galen yesterday letting us know he arrived at the Provo MTC safely. His letter was to Mom & family, so I'll type it up for you here.
Dear Mom & family
I am writing you to tell you that I have arrived at the Provo MTC safely.  The first day was insane!  But at the same time, it was amazing.  As soon as I went to class my instructor spoke nothing but Portuguese.  I thought at first that he would stop and speak English after a few minutes.  He didn't.  The entire first day I didn't know what he was saying.  He kept trying to tell us stuff and I seemed to be the last person to figure out what he was saying.  I have never been more frustrated.  My new friends and roommates are rally nice, though.  My companions name is elder Manana (Man yan a) and he is super cool.  He is already fluent in Spanish so he can understand everything our instructor is saying.  It's cool because he gives me help when I am completely lost.  The MTC is completely different from what I expected.  One of the cool things is that the food rocks (not as much as yours mom, but it is still good).  I have also met with a few missionaries that are a few weeks ahead of me in the MTC, their Portuguese is amazing.  I constantly forget that they are also students here, not return missionaries.  Well it is time for me to read scriptures, so I will email you when I can (probably next Thursday).     Love you,     Elder Darke                                                                      
 P.S. I still do not know my writing address, but I know of a free program the church does called "Dear Missionary".  If you use that I can get your letters and such.  I think.  Well I am still alive and I love you all.  

 There it is! Proof he's alive.  We were starting to wonder if he was ever going to let us know. Thanks to all of the inquiries and concern for Galen.  We know that he is doing the Lord's work and we are already feeling the blessings of his choice.
--Melanie and family.

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