Monday, March 23, 2015

Feb, March, Lizana and Unaiee!

February 9th:
This week was amazing!  So if anyone tells you otherwise, dont beleive them! :D
    I have been getting the oportunity to feel the guidence of the lord in my daily work.  I know that the lord, loves each and everyone of us.  If we could comprehend everything that he does for us, each and every day, we would be utterly astounded, and shocked beyond all measure.
    Not only of what he does for us, but what he says to us every day.  He is constantly trying to guide us down his paths.  He is constantly trying to shape our lives into what he knows we can be.  We resist this change, for many reasons.  For one of the most common, we just dont understand.  We dont see from his eyes.  
    Our physical eyes are amazing gifts of Our heavenly father.  However he gives to us an even greater gift.  The ability to use our spiritual eyes. To see things as they really are.  As we learn to use this ability.  As we practice, and overcome disappointment and error.  We will come to know, and understand exactaly who our father is, and what he not only is doing for us, but what he wants us to do.
    I would like all to know, learn, and master, what was said by elder Christofferson in the last general conference.  It was a great talk, and i encourage all to read/listen to it again.  Then ask our Father how you can apply it in your lives.  As you sincerly seek an answer, Heaveanly father will always respond.

-Elder Darke
February  16th:
 Soooo Im really really sorry.  I got distracted and now i dont have any time to email.  Just know that i am fabulous, and my week was amazing!  The other two elders in my district had 3 babtisms!  These 3 were people that I met when i got here, and they are babtising now.  Its amazing to see their proggress and be able to see them take such a huge step today :D    I love everyone!  and I promise that i will do better next week.
        My mission is really being full of miracles.  I am seeing them every day, and i just feel so priviledged to be here.  Where i am.  I wouldnt trade this for the world.
-Elder Darke
 P.s. The bus is kind of expensive here, so we were trying to find cheaper ways of travel.  I think we are on to something. :D

February 24th:
 Transfers!  In am in a new area!  Getting here was hard.  Four hours to get to Palmas, then 12 to go to brasillia.  Then 4 more to get to my new area.  It was a long bus ride. :D.  But im alive! :D
    I am in a city called Unaiee.  Its in Minas Girais.  I like it here though,  Its a lot less hot then Gurupi :D.
    In the last few days that i was in my last area, i wanted to feel that the work i did was exceptable to my heavenly father.  I had done everything that i could, but i still wanted to feel what he though.  As i knelt in prayer, i could feel, in my heart, that he was happy with my work.
    Its an interesting feeling.  To see the physical results of your work (that appear like nothing).  Then to feel that heavenly father is happy with what you did.  The pure joy of just doing what heavenly father wants seems to completly overshadow any, and all other opinion.  It is amazing.
    The best part is, i know that i am not a special person.  If i can feel his approval, i know that everyone can do the same.  I didnt see an angle, or a vision, but i can feel what he says.  That, to me, seems to be just as amazing :D
-Elder Darke

March 2nd:
This week was amazing!
    First week in Unaie and I am still completly lost!  Thats ok though, becuase my companion knows where we are going and how to get there! :D
    So here there is a Branch of 40 people.  I have already talked to everyone, and i like everyone!  The members are kind, and the inhabitants of the city are the same.
    My new companion is called Elder Vasquez.  he is relativly new to the mission, but he has a great desire to serve.  I like him.
    My week was pretty normal though.  I have seen some amazing examples of faith from the members here.  One of which, moved out of his parents house just becuase he wanted to live the gospel, without causing problems with them.  Another babtised three years ago and is still strongly going to church, and very patiently supporting her mother so that she too can one day be babtised.
    Every where i go, i see more and more examples of faith, patience, and charity.  I long to be more like Jesus Christ, who was perfect.  The more time that i am on a mission, the more that i see Heavenly father in our lives.  Constantly perfecting and polishing us.  That is the greatest part of Trials.  You can be sure that in the end, you will be a little bit better then you were before.
    If we feel like we cannot bear with the burdens that we have.  When we pray, and pleed for his help, he will surly answer.
    The joy of seeing someone reallize this is enormous.  and Fantastic.
-Elder Darke

P.s. I love you all.
P.s.s. Cling to the things you know are true.
March 16th:
These past two weeks were amazing!
    So here is what happened.
  Here in Unai, the branch is small.  Only about 30 people.  Its a normal sized city, and things are well.
    So these past two weeks we have been frantically working to help the members.  Visiting them as much as possible. My companions mom called the mission president because (my companion) was looseing weight. The zone leaders came and gave a training.  So many things have happened that its hard to know where to start.
    In the morning, my district all goes out to a park that is near our house, and we play frisbe.  I cant throw, or catch to save my life, but i enjoy the quick sprints to make the attempted catch :D.  I dont know how, but every day i seem to get dirt, grass, and mud all over myself.  The other three never do, but i am always filthy.  Its fun :D.
     The members here give us amazing lunches, and they make sure we are taken care of :D.  There are two days of the week when we dont have a member lunch, so normally we try to invent something to eat.  We made lazana the other day :D. It was good :D.  (not as good as the Members Lazana, but it was good.).
    I am still completly lost here.  I can get home from any part in the city, but if someone gives me an address, or starts talking about a certain neiboorhood.  I have no idea! :D.  but i drew a map, so i can sort of figure it out :D.
    I am really liking my district.  The missionaries here are good. :D
So, I gave a talk Sunday. There where Three people to give talks, and i was the last one.  I was hopeing that the first two would use a lot of time, so i would only have a few minites :D.  That didnt happen.  The first two blazed through their talks in just a few mintues, and left me with 25, or so mintues.      Personally, i am not very good at talking in public.  On the mission, it got way better, but still, not very good at it.  Before i got up, i was feeling so anxious, and worried.  I was trying desperatly to calm down but it wasnt working.  So i said a prayer.  I have long known that heavanly father is sempre with us.  He will always help us.  Sunday was another proof of this.  After the prayer, i got up, and did the best that i could.  Trusting that, somehow, heavenly father would help.  He did.  The peace that I felt, the things i felt to say.  It was amazing.
    Also this might seem like a silly example to some.  I like to think, that he if would help me with something like a talk in church.  How much more will he help those that go to him with a large problem, or question.  He helps all, and The knowledge and faith that he does this will help us trust on him in those moments of difficulty!  He Loves us, and he will always be by our side. :D.
-Elder Darke

Monday, February 2, 2015

Holiday catch up, again!

Okay, here's a marathon of emails from Elder Darke!  Sorry the Holiday season got away from me.

Dec 29th, 2014:
  I am still alive!  sorry i didnt sent an email last week, i was super busy, and didnt plan out my time very wisely.  I am doing better today though! :D
    This week was amazing!  In a weird way.  We started this week out of our area, because my companion had some health problems.  So we had to go to another city to get it fixed :D.  So the first few days of the week were without, work.  However it was good becuase i worked in another missionaries house!  They are My zone leaders, and they dont have much space in their house.  They had random glass doors that werent doing anything though, so with the doors i made a new desk and shelf!  So they can have more room to put stuff!
    It looks pretty strange though, but i think its useful at least :D.  They were glad that i did it, and i hope it helps them, at least a little bit :D.
    We were able come back to our area after a few days and then it was CHRISTMAS!  The spirit of Christmas is so amazing, and i am glad that i was able to use the spirit of christmas to help people.  For a while, we were just giving Christmas messages, and everyone was excepting it so well!  We are still trying to get people to come to church, but that will happen soon!  people are proggressing and the work is moving along well :D.
    I just want to say that i love you all.  All the email are full of your love and support.  I am grateful for what you do to help me.  Even though it might apear to be something small, the impact that it has on me and the ammount of happiness that i have when i see the love you have for me is enourmous.  Thank you.
  I am so grateful for Heavenly father.  For what he does for me.  This week was different becuase of my companions healther problem.  However i know that, especially in these times, He is watching out for us.  He was a purpose for every day of our lives.  Many time we have to learn something.  No matter what happens though, he is by our side.  When we search for him, he will always be there.  Like a loving father.  He loves us.  I know this becuase i feel his love.  Search for him in the hard moments, He will be there.  Search for him in the good moments, he will still be there.  Search for him in Any moment, and he will be there.  Personal experience has proved to me that this is true.  So i challenge you to learn the same simple fact.  ask and ye shall receive, search, and ye will find.  Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
-Elder Darke
Jan 5, 2015:
   My week was great!  That kind of great that is super amazing, but you dont want everyone to think you are overexagerating so you just put great.  ya, it was that kind of week :D.
    New Years Eve was fun!  As missionaries we cant stay away until midnight.  so we slept the normal time, and set an alarm for midnight.  Woke up and congratulated each other on the year.  then went back to sleep again.  It was fun :D.  All the missionaries in my District are super amazing!  I love them all.  They are all my freinds!
    We also had a few service project and things that we did.  It was super fun.  We cut trees, cut grass, moved stuff.  got some blisters.  A lot of stuff.  It just felt great to serve other people.  Especially the people that cant do it themselfs.  Becuase they really need help and its great to be the strength that they need.
    Transfers is this week, So everyone is super anxious about what will happen.  I Personally am not too anxious.  The way i see it, Everything will happen how the lord wants it to.  So if i stay, there is something that i need to do here.  If i leave, there is something i need to do in a different area.  Its an interesting feeling :D.
    The coolest thing happened this week though.  We were walking in the street, and this guy that we dont know, comes up on a bike and starts talking to us.  He lived in a different city, and he visited the church in the other city, but now he moved here and he lost contact with the church.  When he saw us, he remembered and asked were the chruch was.
    We visited him a few days later.  As we were teaching, the Holy ghost was super strong, and it was really testifying to all of us, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true!  When we asked him what he felt, he said that he felt out happiness, and it is something that he wants!  i was super happy!  We are going to go back there and keep teaching him.  He is comming to church and progressing very well :D.
  The beggining of the week, My companion got sick for a few days.  It happens to new missionaries sometimes.  So i wasnt too upset.  I cleaned the house a little, and when he felt better, we left to go work again!
    In ´´Preach My Gospel´´ it says that we should pray often, and ask if the book of mormon is true.  This will strengthen our testimony that it is, and it will allow us to more powerfully testify to otheres.  I did it this week.  Talk about amazing.  I already know the book is true, and to have the Holy Ghost testify to my heat, that it is true, is a great expereince.  I love feeling the spirit.  I love seeing the spirit work in the lives of others as well.  It is the sweetest peaceful feeling that you can ever feel.  It is in your heart, and while i am feeling it.  I feel as if everything in the world gains a more hopeful appearance.  It is what links my soul to my heavenly father, and to what i know is true.  The best part is, The Holy ghost is a free gift to all.  All that seek to find it, and feel it will be rewarded abundantly.  Those who receive the gift of the holy ghost, will gain the chance to feel it always.  What a wonderful gift of God!  I am greatful to my Heavenly Father, who has given me such an amazing gift!
-Elder Darke

Jan 12, 2015:
 This week was really amazing.  it TRANSFERS! so thats cool.
   i was the only person in my house that didnt get transfered.  So there will be 3 new missionaries in my house,and i will get the chance to make a lot of new friends!  so I am excited.
My last companion was my son ( i was training him ) and it was great to see him grow and improve over the entire transfer.  seeing him leave though was heart  breaking. I almost cried a little.
I am out of my area today,in Palmas again. Things are really changing up, but i know that they are changing for the better and every thing will work out in the end.
    So my week was more then fabulous.  I am not remembering much of it though.  I am sure that it was fabulous though.
    This week was really spiritual though.  We testified of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ all week to our investagators.  Then we testified to the members, and to each other.  I know that God lives.  He loves us, and he is guiding us daily.  This work is his.  This church is his.  Our hope, is in him.  Something amazing that i realized, is that all of our hope literally is in him.  We can trace our hope of anything back to him.  That is how important he is.  He is everything to us.  We just need to strive to be more like him.
-Elder Darke
Jan 19, 2015:
 This week was super good!
    So I have been working with two investagators for a really long time, and they are progressing!  We visited them yesterday, and one of them looked at me, and said that he knows the book of mormon is true.  i almost cried i was so happy :D.  He is trying not to drink cafe anymore.  He is super cool though! :D
    Transfers have come and gone, and now i have another Brazillian companion!  Elder Carvalho.  He is super cool, and he is taller then me!  one of the first brazillians that i have seen taller then me! :D.
    In my house i also have a Argentino (elder Fuentes), and another american (Elder Josephson).  Everyone is super cool!  They all have like 6 months, or 7 months on the mission, so i feel really old (mission wise).  Its so weird!  but its also really fun!
    I am still in Gurupi.  Its amazing here!  The work is going along well, and things are looking up :D.
    the funny thing though, about the other missionaries.  I have more energy in the morning, then all of them.  ha ha! :D.  So it makes me feel special :D.
    Its starting to cool down a little here as well.  So The days arnt nearly as hot as they were :D.
    I have had many experiences, and this week, i had a few more.  They all point to one truth.  That the hand of our Heavenly Father is always in our lives.  I am seeing people that were prepared for the gospel, little by little.  little experiences that added up until they were prepared for us, and the gospel.  Its amazing to see that ´´the feild is white, already to harvest´´.  We dont need to do anything to prepare the feild, we just need to harvest.  That is our calling, our great oportunity.
    Especially in the lives of members, i also see the hand of our Heavenly Father.  Bountiful amounts of blessings poured out upon people that are following the teachings of Jesus Christ with all their hearts.  This to me, is evidence, that everything in our lives.  EVERYTHING, has a purpose.  That Luck doesnt exist, but the power of God is ever present.
-Elder Darke
 Jan 26, 2015:
This week was super good!
    So I have been working with two investagators for a really long time, and they are progressing!  We visited them yesterday, and one of them looked at me, and said that he knows the book of mormon is true.  i almost cried i was so happy :D.  He is trying not to drink cafe anymore.  He is super cool though! :D
    Transfers have come and gone, and now i have another Brazillian companion!  Elder Carvalho.  He is super cool, and he is taller then me!  one of the first brazillians that i have seen taller then me! :D.
    In my house i also have a Argentino (elder Fuentes), and another american (Elder Josephson).  Everyone is super cool!  They all have like 6 months, or 7 months on the mission, so i feel really old (mission wise).  Its so weird!  but its also really fun!
    I am still in Gurupi.  Its amazing here!  The work is going along well, and things are looking up :D.
    the funny thing though, about the other missionaries.  I have more energy in the morning, then all of them.  ha ha! :D.  So it makes me feel special :D.
    Its starting to cool down a little here as well.  So The days arnt nearly as hot as they were :D.
    I have had many experiences, and this week, i had a few more.  They all point to one truth.  That the hand of our Heavenly Father is always in our lives.  I am seeing people that were prepared for the gospel, little by little.  little experiences that added up until they were prepared for us, and the gospel.  Its amazing to see that ´´the feild is white, already to harvest´´.  We dont need to do anything to prepare the feild, we just need to harvest.  That is our calling, our great oportunity.  
    Especially in the lives of members, i also see the hand of our Heavenly Father.  Bountiful amounts of blessings poured out upon people that are following the teachings of Jesus Christ with all their hearts.  This to me, is evidence, that everything in our lives.  EVERYTHING, has a purpose.  That Luck doesnt exist, but the power of God is ever present.
-Elder Darke
Feb 2, 2015
 This week was super awesome!
    We were able to go to a family home evening at a less actives house, and encourage him to go to church! :D.  It was the second one this week, and it was amazing! :D.  The less active member decided to host a family home evening becuase a few days before,  a different member hosted a different family home evening, and invited the less active.  It went so well that the less active wanted to do his own.  Its amazing to see small things, start to change peoples lives :D.  A lot of times we do small things.  Good and bad.  These small things, many times, make a greater impact then something huge that we do.  So take advantage, and say good morning to everyone, open doors for people, smile at strangers.  You never know what these small things can do.
    Talking about small things,  I would like all to know that my week was increadably small.  It seemed to pass by so fast.  I love this service, the work in which i am engaged.  I know i am serving the lord, and doing what he wants.  There is not a doubt in my mind, as to why i am here right now.  A mission, is the greatest experience that i have had in my life.  Those that read this, please know.  To  have a successful mission, to feel like you are in the service of The Most High is not an easy victory.  It will require something of you.  Something of your Soul.  As the work goes on, and we are focused with All of our heart, might, mind, and strength.  You will feel like Heavenly Fathers servant.  Its not easy, but its possible.  Heavenly father loves all of us, and he will help all of us.  The future is given to us.  We need to use it well.
    Those that are heartbroken, frustrated, and feel that they are at the end of the road.  Those that feel abandoned, depressed, lost, or sad.  Be of good cheer.  The Lord, our God, is with us.  His grace, is sufficent for all, and I beleive that in the end.  Everything will work out, especially if it doesnt work out here :D.
-Elder Darke
Hopefully this will get us all caught up!  Sorry for the delay.
Melanie (Mom)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A bit of Catch-up and Miracles

So, Life is crazy.  Here's a bit of catch-up from Elder Darke:
11/24/2014 - So today was interesting, and I only have 30 minutes to email, so this is going to be quick.
    This week though was one, that was also interesting.  In the middle of the week, my district traveled to our zone leaders house becuase we had a zone conference the day after.  We left on wednesday, at like 3:00.  Got there in the afternoon.  Stayed the night, then went to the conference thursday morning, got on a bus at 5:00, and got back to our area at almost 10:00.  Our area is so far away from the rest of our zone that its crazy!   I really liked the conference though.
    Things are starting to look like christmas here.  Lights are going up, and there are christmas things to buy in the store!  Its still hot though.  Christmas is still a while away, but i like christmas.  It sa great oportunitiy to learn about the savior.  I will strive this year to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas.
     This week has also been one of feeling the hand of the lord in all things.  We were working, and it was a tough day.  As i was walking i felt the spirit.  It told me that i was doing what heavenly father wanted, and to walk with my head high.  I started thinking about a story in the book of mormon.  About alma the older.  He left the land he once new and started living in a different land, when laminites came and put them in bondadge.  Heavenly father allowed it so they could bear a testimoney to the world.  That heavenly father supports his people in their afflictions.  I felt his support.  It  was amazing.  I am just happy that i have the chance to be a missionary :D.
    Also transfers is this week, so i am excited to see what happens.  The last transfer, the mission president changed my entire zone, so i want to see what happens this time :D. 
-Elder Darke

12/1/2014 -  So this week was amazing!
    The sad thing is, none of our investagators went to church.  It was really really sad.  However as missionaries we dont have time to focus on the negatives!  So we are looking ahead with great hope for this Sunday.  Becuase we are going to work with many people to help them to go to church :D.
     This week in church, we had the primary program!  It was really good!  there was a bunch of children there, and they were all happy, and it filled me with joy.  We also helped them get ready for the program, so i was a great time to serve people :D
    Becuase of the traveling we did last week, and stuff.  We did not have any money this past week.  We survived!  but it was close.  we had just enough money so that we didnt go hungry.  That was it though.  During this time i really felt the blessings of our  heavenly father resting upon us.  The members were giving up food randomly and it was amazing.
    As i was thinking today, i was thinking about the people there live here in Brazil, and especially in Gurupi.  Everyone is super nice!  They are concerned with people and they try to help everyone that they can.  It seems that Sharing is almost in their nature.  Its great to see such great examples of people.  people that we need to be like, and things that we can improve on.
    Until next time!  For everyone though.  Remember who you are!
         -Elder Darke

12/8/2014 - MIssion!
    This week was super good and fun of miracles.  Ill share a few.
  First, we had two people go to church!  It was such a miracle becuase we didnt even think they were going to go to church, and they came!  I am still super happy about it! :D.  After weeks of no one going to church, we finally had someone go!  It just goes to show, the lord really is here blessings us :D
    My companion was sick this week though.  I felt bad, becuase we also had a service project!  We moved a pile of dirt.  He was feeling weak, so he was trying to work. but he was dieing!  He is better now, but Saturday, he almost died.  everyone survived though, so its all good.  Sister lundgreen gave us a recipie for gatorade that we can make at home, and he made it and tried to drink some.  His face looked really funny, becuase the gatoraid is not very tasty.  It made him better though, so who can complain? :D
    Normally we missionaries have a planner that we use to stay orginized.  My area is super far from the rest of the mission, and also the mission is having trouble keeping up with the demand for resources.  So i dont have a planner.  I have a two Real notebook that i bought, and am trying to use.  im used to the planner though, so its a little harder :D.  Its a good challenge though!  i like challengese! :D
    Christmas is comming up and everyone is getting excited!  stores are putting up decorations, and here in Gurupi, they are putting lights on the trees.  So when we walk at night its easy to tell that Christmas is close.  I really like Christmas, but as i have been teaching more about Jesus Christ.  I find myself being excited for Christmas becuase of the birth of Jesus Christ, not the presents.  The Savior of the world, is a far better present to me then any other i could have received.  I am so grateful to my heavenly father for the amazing gift that he has given me.
    This Christmas season i challenge all to share the spirit of Christ.  Giving gifts, and helping other understand who Jesus Christ was, and why he was so important.  As we do this i believe we can really focus of the true spirit of Christmas.
-Elder Darke

I hope that you all are excited and getting ready for Christmas!
Love, Melanie (Mom)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Short, but Sweet

Here's the latest from Elder Darke:
 This week was really fun!  It was also really interesting!  So living in our house are four missionaries.  We have elder Oliveira, elder pincovai, elder shiply, and me!  Elder shiply had some problems with his health, so it got interesting.
    At first it was an ingrown toenail, but then it turned into an infection.  He started taking an antibiotic, and then he started having an alergy to the antibiotic.  He stopped taking it, and started taking other medication, with helped the alergy, but now his infection is worse.  Me and my companion where the, run to the store to buy what he needs, friends.  It was fun, but i am just glad that i never have gotten sick on my mission! :D.
    We also cut another tree saturday!  we didnt cut the entire tree down, but we cuts a lot of the branches off.  the only problem was there was a house underneith the tree.  So we had to tie a rope to the branch, then cut it, then slowly lower it to the ground.  It took a while, but i enjoyed it.  We also didnt destroy anything, so it went well :D.
    We have been trying really hard to get people to come to church though.  That seems to be our biggest challenge here.  As we worked, the lord really blessed us!  We were at church, and three less active members, two of which we didnt even invite to go to church,  showed up!  We were not expecting them to come, and it was definatlly a huge source of joy to us that there were people that came.  it was not what i was expecting, but its obvious to me that the lord is eager to bless us, as we do what is right :D.
-Elder Darke

It's short, but sweet. Hopefully this letter find y'all happy and well.
Love, Melanie (mom)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Swords, Jaka and pictures.

Yay! Elder Darke sent more pictures!  Sounds like he is doing well.
From Elder Darke:
    I realized today that i stopped sending email in portugese, and i thought to myself, maybe i should do one this week.  Then I looked at the clock and thought to myself, english is faster :D.
    This week was amazing though!  I am super happy right now becuase we were able to mark 3 babtism dates this week!  They are super cool!  the only problem is getting them to go to church.  that seems to be the big problem here.  We are doing well though!  Things will work out!
    So in my house there are 4 missionaries.  Elder Shiply, Elder Pincovai, Elder Oliveira, and me!  Elder shiply has been having health problems.  At first he was drinking a lot of unfiltered water, and he got sick.  then he got 2 ingrown toenails, or one, and the other toe was infected, and then he started taking medicine for his toe´s and now he has a rash on his chest and back.  I feel so bad for him!  I am just so grateful that i have had great health on my mission!  :D.
    We have been talking to so many people this week.  Every day trying to talk to and mark all of the appointments that we can!  So our days are crazy busy.  speed walking from one appointment to another, trying really hard not to be late to any.  After a while your legs start burning from speed walking so much!  Its so much fun though!
    We also did a service project this week!  it was super fun!  We cut down a tree.  but it wasnt just any old ordinary tree.  It was a mango tree.  It was in the backyard of a member, and during this time of the year, there is a lot of wind!  We dont want a  tree to fall on someones house or anything, so we cut the tree down!  branch by branch.  It was fun!  We didnt have a chainsaw though, so it was just axe power the entire time!  They also had swords!  really they were mecheties, but i dont know how to say that in portugese, so i just called them swords the entire day.  It was fun :D.
    Because of a family history convention that happened sunday, the members have been really excited about geneology!  One family in particular has been working a lot on it.  I know a little, so i have been trying to guide their searches were it will be most fruitful!  The fun thing is though, in brazil, mainly in the north east area, people dont document a lot of things, so there just arnt many documents of birth or death, or even names.  So, these amazing members are having a really difficult time finding people.  However they are still trying, their faith is showing brightly, searching in every option they have, and believing they will receive.  I know that heavenly father will bless them for doing this, and will prepare a way that they can find all of their family :D.
    I was especially touched with the example of a teenager who has been working increadably hard to find everyone.  He was grounded (hehe) so he cant play games.  So has decided to throw himself into family history work.  He knows that it is hard, but he will find people, and will be the means of many people receiving the ordanaces that are nessisary for them to return to god.
    I know that this work is true.  The work of salvation.  As missionaries we work for the salvation of those that are still living, however there are countless people that have died before us that also need salvation.  They cannot do it for themselfs, and they need our help.  their hope is in our hands.  Start for yourself, is a great site you can use.  See the miracles for yourself.  You will be glad you did :D.
-Elder Darke

P.s. also, there is a picture of a fruit called jaka.  You eat the inside yellow part, and it has a really strong banana taste.  Its soooo slimey though, its weird, but its so good :D

 Also, I asked Elder Darke what would sound wonderful for Christmas.  He said recipes that he could try, gatorade powder, cake mixes or cookies. silly stuff (of course) and any cards, pictures or letters.  Sounds like we have our work cut out for us!
Thanks to everyone for supporting our Elder!
Melanie (Mom)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catching up, Gurupi and Elder Oliveiro

Well somehow I've gotten behind.  Here's to catching up!
          Oct 20th - 
 This week was really amzing!  It was TRANSFERS!   So i figured out that i am staying in the area, my companion (that i finished his training) will leave the area, and i will get another newbe that i will train!  I am so excited!  Training missionaries is the best part because you can mold them so easily to be the best kind of missionary!  It requires a huge amount of diligence becuse the newbe will see everything that i do.  However i can do this!  Heavenly father has given me his trust to train this newbe and i can do it! :D    I still havnt met him yet though.  So i will tell you all about him later.  When i actually meet him :D.
    I am still in gurupi though!  Its the time of the year when i will start raining here.  and i am excited!  Its super fun to work in the rain.  Especially when you are drentched and super wet and trying to work and everything.  Its fun :D.  The drainage system for gurupi though is strange, like all the water just flows down the streets.  So i am probably going to have to walk in huge rivers of water!  so excited! :D
    This last week in church, i also gave a talk.  It was about ´´what type of man we should be´´.  I did my best, and i am not quite sure if everyone there understood what i was saying.  thats ok though, becuase two other elders also gave talks, so everyone probably understood the talks of the other two :D
    At the beginning of the week, we had a zone activity, It was super fun, with soccer, and water ballons.  and a talent show and food!  We had a fun time.  The elder in my city went up (i did to) and it took us 4 hours, by bus to get there.  It took a while.  but thats ok, it was worth it.  After the activity, like the day after.  We also had a conference of our zone.  With the mission president.  He showed us where the mission is now.  Then he showed us were the mission is going to go.  He open up our eyes to the possibilites of the mission.  So everyone is super excited now :D.  We are going to do amazingly!  :D.  This are about to change in this mission for the better.  It is cool that we can be here during this time to help this change happen!
    I am trying to especially work on something that i heard in conference.  To have a continual supply of personal revelation.  To be able to heard the spirit, and recognize what he is saying constanly like that is truly a unique challenge.  It is one that i need to master though.  I can do this!  With the help of the lord, I can do all things :D
-Elder Darke
Oct 27th -
 This week was amazing!
    I am training a new missionary here in Gurupi!  His name is elder Oliveiro, and he is brazilian!  He is from São paulo.
    I am still doing well.  I realized today that i have never gotten sick on the mission. sort of :D
    It has also started the rainy season here!  So the sun is being blocked behind clouds! its so much better then being burned by the sun!
    So my new companion´s name is elder Oliveiro, he is from São paulo and he is cool.  he talks in 3 three different launguages, english, spanish, and portugese.  He reminds me so much of my brother Corwin though.  He laughs just like my him!  The first time i heard it i was like WHAAAAAAT!  Corwin laughs harder though, he laughs the same, but without the same intestity :D. So anyway I am trying my best to help him be a great missionary!  The other day though, we were really far away from our house 20 minutes before we were suppost to be at home.  So we walked like the wind.  It wasnt really walking as it was running with the appearence of walking.  (it was reallllly fast walking).  Our legs were on fire, and it was painful.  HOWEVER we got home on time.  when we got home, elder Oliveiro died on the floor.  I even have a picture of it.  He stayed there for 30 mintues.  i felt a little bad for him, but i gave him a little chocolate later to make up for it :D.
    i was just thinking today, and i realized that i have never gotten sick on the mission.  i have gotten head aches that i just needed to drink a littl bit of water to make them go away.  and one time i wasnt feeling good for a few hours after lunch.  Other then these small experiences, I have never gotten sick!  I feel so happy to see the blessings heavenly father has given me :D. Its super cool! :D
    It has also started raining!  like the rainy season has started!  Which is good, becuase the state of Tocentins (where i am) its really hot!  and the sun is really strong.  So I am glad that there are clouds now!  The bad part, is that it is the hottest part of the year.  without the sun though, it feels better :D.
  I know this work is true.  Sunday i was given the oportunity to see a recent convert of the missionaries before me receive the Preestood.  It was a great moment.  To see someone continue on the path that they started.  I am really happy for him.
    I also saw great examples of faith and patience this week!  There is a recent convert here that is the only one in his family that is babtised.  He is really awesome, and despite all his troubles, and challenges, he is still going strong.  He is even preparing to go on a mission!  His parents are against it, but i believe in him!  he will do amazingly!
    I know heavely father loves us, and he will bless us with everything that we need.  He is an amazing father, and he is always watching over us.  Especially in the moments we feel alone, he is still there with us :D.
-Elder Darke

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Address!! Groupi and Fruit

Here's news from Elder Darke:
So, the mission office has changed, and if you want to send me a package, letter, or something, send it to this address.

AOS 5/6 Bloco A

Bairro Octogonal



  So if you want to send anything *hint* *hint*.  Send it to this address please :D.
    My week was really amazing!  However me and my district are having a time challenge for our emails, so i am just going to write this in english so i can win :D>  mua ha ha! :D.
    Anyway, Groupi is amazing!  its also really really big.  We got lost the other day going to lunch, then walking back from lunch.  lets just say we were so lost, and far away from where we were trying to go that when we asked someone were the center of the city was (where we live, we were trying to get back to an appointment near our house), he looked at us.  Said that is was REALLY far away, then said that is was, i think he said 10 kilometers.  He then asked if we wanted a ride.  I said yes.  We were really really really far away.  :D.
    The other two elder in my house had a babtism this saturday.  It was an investagator from the sisters that worked here before us.  His wife has been a members for years, and he never joined.  But he joined now, and everyone is really happy :D.  Babtisms are always amazing!  the spirit is there, everyone is really happy!  It fills me with joy :D.
    So this week especially, no one in my house has had any money.  Becuase of the bus rides we took to palmas last week, and the things we had to buy for the house, we were all broke.  Lets just say we survived on the goodness of the members here.  We didnt tell anyone that we were broke, but the members kept offering us fruits and things to keep us alive (along with good lunches) :D.  So we basically survived this week on fruit alone.  but thats ok!  There are so many mango trees here that people are practically giving it away :D.  Its so awesome!
    The lunch that we got lost going to, and comming back, was amazing.  Well the food is always amazing, but this lunch was especially good.  Becuase when we were sitting there eating, and talking to the mother of the family.  I saw something.  She and her daughter are the only active members in the church.  her husband isnt even babtised.  Despite these challenges i saw a light in her eyes.  I saw a confidence in our heavenly father that i have rarly seen.  A firme decision to do what is right, no matter the cost.  As she talked about her plans to go to the temple, I realized that i was talking to a spiritual giant.  I remember something that i was taught before.  Be an example at all times, and if nessesary, use words.  We all need to be an example so good that people can feel we are different.  That people can see in our eyes the light of Christ.  Becuase, we need to do what is right, but many of our brothers, friends, and aquantinces need help.  they need an example to follow.  We can be that example.  We can help Everyone in the world through our example, if we will just live the things that we know to be true.
-Elder Darke
Sounds like he's wanting a little love from home!  Thanks to all that write him, often or not.  He loves everyones letters!
Melanie (Mom)