Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catching up, Gurupi and Elder Oliveiro

Well somehow I've gotten behind.  Here's to catching up!
          Oct 20th - 
 This week was really amzing!  It was TRANSFERS!   So i figured out that i am staying in the area, my companion (that i finished his training) will leave the area, and i will get another newbe that i will train!  I am so excited!  Training missionaries is the best part because you can mold them so easily to be the best kind of missionary!  It requires a huge amount of diligence becuse the newbe will see everything that i do.  However i can do this!  Heavenly father has given me his trust to train this newbe and i can do it! :D    I still havnt met him yet though.  So i will tell you all about him later.  When i actually meet him :D.
    I am still in gurupi though!  Its the time of the year when i will start raining here.  and i am excited!  Its super fun to work in the rain.  Especially when you are drentched and super wet and trying to work and everything.  Its fun :D.  The drainage system for gurupi though is strange, like all the water just flows down the streets.  So i am probably going to have to walk in huge rivers of water!  so excited! :D
    This last week in church, i also gave a talk.  It was about ´´what type of man we should be´´.  I did my best, and i am not quite sure if everyone there understood what i was saying.  thats ok though, becuase two other elders also gave talks, so everyone probably understood the talks of the other two :D
    At the beginning of the week, we had a zone activity, It was super fun, with soccer, and water ballons.  and a talent show and food!  We had a fun time.  The elder in my city went up (i did to) and it took us 4 hours, by bus to get there.  It took a while.  but thats ok, it was worth it.  After the activity, like the day after.  We also had a conference of our zone.  With the mission president.  He showed us where the mission is now.  Then he showed us were the mission is going to go.  He open up our eyes to the possibilites of the mission.  So everyone is super excited now :D.  We are going to do amazingly!  :D.  This are about to change in this mission for the better.  It is cool that we can be here during this time to help this change happen!
    I am trying to especially work on something that i heard in conference.  To have a continual supply of personal revelation.  To be able to heard the spirit, and recognize what he is saying constanly like that is truly a unique challenge.  It is one that i need to master though.  I can do this!  With the help of the lord, I can do all things :D
-Elder Darke
Oct 27th -
 This week was amazing!
    I am training a new missionary here in Gurupi!  His name is elder Oliveiro, and he is brazilian!  He is from São paulo.
    I am still doing well.  I realized today that i have never gotten sick on the mission. sort of :D
    It has also started the rainy season here!  So the sun is being blocked behind clouds! its so much better then being burned by the sun!
    So my new companion´s name is elder Oliveiro, he is from São paulo and he is cool.  he talks in 3 three different launguages, english, spanish, and portugese.  He reminds me so much of my brother Corwin though.  He laughs just like my him!  The first time i heard it i was like WHAAAAAAT!  Corwin laughs harder though, he laughs the same, but without the same intestity :D. So anyway I am trying my best to help him be a great missionary!  The other day though, we were really far away from our house 20 minutes before we were suppost to be at home.  So we walked like the wind.  It wasnt really walking as it was running with the appearence of walking.  (it was reallllly fast walking).  Our legs were on fire, and it was painful.  HOWEVER we got home on time.  when we got home, elder Oliveiro died on the floor.  I even have a picture of it.  He stayed there for 30 mintues.  i felt a little bad for him, but i gave him a little chocolate later to make up for it :D.
    i was just thinking today, and i realized that i have never gotten sick on the mission.  i have gotten head aches that i just needed to drink a littl bit of water to make them go away.  and one time i wasnt feeling good for a few hours after lunch.  Other then these small experiences, I have never gotten sick!  I feel so happy to see the blessings heavenly father has given me :D. Its super cool! :D
    It has also started raining!  like the rainy season has started!  Which is good, becuase the state of Tocentins (where i am) its really hot!  and the sun is really strong.  So I am glad that there are clouds now!  The bad part, is that it is the hottest part of the year.  without the sun though, it feels better :D.
  I know this work is true.  Sunday i was given the oportunity to see a recent convert of the missionaries before me receive the Preestood.  It was a great moment.  To see someone continue on the path that they started.  I am really happy for him.
    I also saw great examples of faith and patience this week!  There is a recent convert here that is the only one in his family that is babtised.  He is really awesome, and despite all his troubles, and challenges, he is still going strong.  He is even preparing to go on a mission!  His parents are against it, but i believe in him!  he will do amazingly!
    I know heavely father loves us, and he will bless us with everything that we need.  He is an amazing father, and he is always watching over us.  Especially in the moments we feel alone, he is still there with us :D.
-Elder Darke

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