Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Short, but Sweet

Here's the latest from Elder Darke:
 This week was really fun!  It was also really interesting!  So living in our house are four missionaries.  We have elder Oliveira, elder pincovai, elder shiply, and me!  Elder shiply had some problems with his health, so it got interesting.
    At first it was an ingrown toenail, but then it turned into an infection.  He started taking an antibiotic, and then he started having an alergy to the antibiotic.  He stopped taking it, and started taking other medication, with helped the alergy, but now his infection is worse.  Me and my companion where the, run to the store to buy what he needs, friends.  It was fun, but i am just glad that i never have gotten sick on my mission! :D.
    We also cut another tree saturday!  we didnt cut the entire tree down, but we cuts a lot of the branches off.  the only problem was there was a house underneith the tree.  So we had to tie a rope to the branch, then cut it, then slowly lower it to the ground.  It took a while, but i enjoyed it.  We also didnt destroy anything, so it went well :D.
    We have been trying really hard to get people to come to church though.  That seems to be our biggest challenge here.  As we worked, the lord really blessed us!  We were at church, and three less active members, two of which we didnt even invite to go to church,  showed up!  We were not expecting them to come, and it was definatlly a huge source of joy to us that there were people that came.  it was not what i was expecting, but its obvious to me that the lord is eager to bless us, as we do what is right :D.
-Elder Darke

It's short, but sweet. Hopefully this letter find y'all happy and well.
Love, Melanie (mom)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Swords, Jaka and pictures.

Yay! Elder Darke sent more pictures!  Sounds like he is doing well.
From Elder Darke:
    I realized today that i stopped sending email in portugese, and i thought to myself, maybe i should do one this week.  Then I looked at the clock and thought to myself, english is faster :D.
    This week was amazing though!  I am super happy right now becuase we were able to mark 3 babtism dates this week!  They are super cool!  the only problem is getting them to go to church.  that seems to be the big problem here.  We are doing well though!  Things will work out!
    So in my house there are 4 missionaries.  Elder Shiply, Elder Pincovai, Elder Oliveira, and me!  Elder shiply has been having health problems.  At first he was drinking a lot of unfiltered water, and he got sick.  then he got 2 ingrown toenails, or one, and the other toe was infected, and then he started taking medicine for his toe´s and now he has a rash on his chest and back.  I feel so bad for him!  I am just so grateful that i have had great health on my mission!  :D.
    We have been talking to so many people this week.  Every day trying to talk to and mark all of the appointments that we can!  So our days are crazy busy.  speed walking from one appointment to another, trying really hard not to be late to any.  After a while your legs start burning from speed walking so much!  Its so much fun though!
    We also did a service project this week!  it was super fun!  We cut down a tree.  but it wasnt just any old ordinary tree.  It was a mango tree.  It was in the backyard of a member, and during this time of the year, there is a lot of wind!  We dont want a  tree to fall on someones house or anything, so we cut the tree down!  branch by branch.  It was fun!  We didnt have a chainsaw though, so it was just axe power the entire time!  They also had swords!  really they were mecheties, but i dont know how to say that in portugese, so i just called them swords the entire day.  It was fun :D.
    Because of a family history convention that happened sunday, the members have been really excited about geneology!  One family in particular has been working a lot on it.  I know a little, so i have been trying to guide their searches were it will be most fruitful!  The fun thing is though, in brazil, mainly in the north east area, people dont document a lot of things, so there just arnt many documents of birth or death, or even names.  So, these amazing members are having a really difficult time finding people.  However they are still trying, their faith is showing brightly, searching in every option they have, and believing they will receive.  I know that heavenly father will bless them for doing this, and will prepare a way that they can find all of their family :D.
    I was especially touched with the example of a teenager who has been working increadably hard to find everyone.  He was grounded (hehe) so he cant play games.  So has decided to throw himself into family history work.  He knows that it is hard, but he will find people, and will be the means of many people receiving the ordanaces that are nessisary for them to return to god.
    I know that this work is true.  The work of salvation.  As missionaries we work for the salvation of those that are still living, however there are countless people that have died before us that also need salvation.  They cannot do it for themselfs, and they need our help.  their hope is in our hands.  Start for yourself, is a great site you can use.  See the miracles for yourself.  You will be glad you did :D.
-Elder Darke

P.s. also, there is a picture of a fruit called jaka.  You eat the inside yellow part, and it has a really strong banana taste.  Its soooo slimey though, its weird, but its so good :D

 Also, I asked Elder Darke what would sound wonderful for Christmas.  He said recipes that he could try, gatorade powder, cake mixes or cookies. silly stuff (of course) and any cards, pictures or letters.  Sounds like we have our work cut out for us!
Thanks to everyone for supporting our Elder!
Melanie (Mom)