Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Short, but Sweet

Here's the latest from Elder Darke:
 This week was really fun!  It was also really interesting!  So living in our house are four missionaries.  We have elder Oliveira, elder pincovai, elder shiply, and me!  Elder shiply had some problems with his health, so it got interesting.
    At first it was an ingrown toenail, but then it turned into an infection.  He started taking an antibiotic, and then he started having an alergy to the antibiotic.  He stopped taking it, and started taking other medication, with helped the alergy, but now his infection is worse.  Me and my companion where the, run to the store to buy what he needs, friends.  It was fun, but i am just glad that i never have gotten sick on my mission! :D.
    We also cut another tree saturday!  we didnt cut the entire tree down, but we cuts a lot of the branches off.  the only problem was there was a house underneith the tree.  So we had to tie a rope to the branch, then cut it, then slowly lower it to the ground.  It took a while, but i enjoyed it.  We also didnt destroy anything, so it went well :D.
    We have been trying really hard to get people to come to church though.  That seems to be our biggest challenge here.  As we worked, the lord really blessed us!  We were at church, and three less active members, two of which we didnt even invite to go to church,  showed up!  We were not expecting them to come, and it was definatlly a huge source of joy to us that there were people that came.  it was not what i was expecting, but its obvious to me that the lord is eager to bless us, as we do what is right :D.
-Elder Darke

It's short, but sweet. Hopefully this letter find y'all happy and well.
Love, Melanie (mom)

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