Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A bit of Catch-up and Miracles

So, Life is crazy.  Here's a bit of catch-up from Elder Darke:
11/24/2014 - So today was interesting, and I only have 30 minutes to email, so this is going to be quick.
    This week though was one, that was also interesting.  In the middle of the week, my district traveled to our zone leaders house becuase we had a zone conference the day after.  We left on wednesday, at like 3:00.  Got there in the afternoon.  Stayed the night, then went to the conference thursday morning, got on a bus at 5:00, and got back to our area at almost 10:00.  Our area is so far away from the rest of our zone that its crazy!   I really liked the conference though.
    Things are starting to look like christmas here.  Lights are going up, and there are christmas things to buy in the store!  Its still hot though.  Christmas is still a while away, but i like christmas.  It sa great oportunitiy to learn about the savior.  I will strive this year to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas.
     This week has also been one of feeling the hand of the lord in all things.  We were working, and it was a tough day.  As i was walking i felt the spirit.  It told me that i was doing what heavenly father wanted, and to walk with my head high.  I started thinking about a story in the book of mormon.  About alma the older.  He left the land he once new and started living in a different land, when laminites came and put them in bondadge.  Heavenly father allowed it so they could bear a testimoney to the world.  That heavenly father supports his people in their afflictions.  I felt his support.  It  was amazing.  I am just happy that i have the chance to be a missionary :D.
    Also transfers is this week, so i am excited to see what happens.  The last transfer, the mission president changed my entire zone, so i want to see what happens this time :D. 
-Elder Darke

12/1/2014 -  So this week was amazing!
    The sad thing is, none of our investagators went to church.  It was really really sad.  However as missionaries we dont have time to focus on the negatives!  So we are looking ahead with great hope for this Sunday.  Becuase we are going to work with many people to help them to go to church :D.
     This week in church, we had the primary program!  It was really good!  there was a bunch of children there, and they were all happy, and it filled me with joy.  We also helped them get ready for the program, so i was a great time to serve people :D
    Becuase of the traveling we did last week, and stuff.  We did not have any money this past week.  We survived!  but it was close.  we had just enough money so that we didnt go hungry.  That was it though.  During this time i really felt the blessings of our  heavenly father resting upon us.  The members were giving up food randomly and it was amazing.
    As i was thinking today, i was thinking about the people there live here in Brazil, and especially in Gurupi.  Everyone is super nice!  They are concerned with people and they try to help everyone that they can.  It seems that Sharing is almost in their nature.  Its great to see such great examples of people.  people that we need to be like, and things that we can improve on.
    Until next time!  For everyone though.  Remember who you are!
         -Elder Darke

12/8/2014 - MIssion!
    This week was super good and fun of miracles.  Ill share a few.
  First, we had two people go to church!  It was such a miracle becuase we didnt even think they were going to go to church, and they came!  I am still super happy about it! :D.  After weeks of no one going to church, we finally had someone go!  It just goes to show, the lord really is here blessings us :D
    My companion was sick this week though.  I felt bad, becuase we also had a service project!  We moved a pile of dirt.  He was feeling weak, so he was trying to work. but he was dieing!  He is better now, but Saturday, he almost died.  everyone survived though, so its all good.  Sister lundgreen gave us a recipie for gatorade that we can make at home, and he made it and tried to drink some.  His face looked really funny, becuase the gatoraid is not very tasty.  It made him better though, so who can complain? :D
    Normally we missionaries have a planner that we use to stay orginized.  My area is super far from the rest of the mission, and also the mission is having trouble keeping up with the demand for resources.  So i dont have a planner.  I have a two Real notebook that i bought, and am trying to use.  im used to the planner though, so its a little harder :D.  Its a good challenge though!  i like challengese! :D
    Christmas is comming up and everyone is getting excited!  stores are putting up decorations, and here in Gurupi, they are putting lights on the trees.  So when we walk at night its easy to tell that Christmas is close.  I really like Christmas, but as i have been teaching more about Jesus Christ.  I find myself being excited for Christmas becuase of the birth of Jesus Christ, not the presents.  The Savior of the world, is a far better present to me then any other i could have received.  I am so grateful to my heavenly father for the amazing gift that he has given me.
    This Christmas season i challenge all to share the spirit of Christ.  Giving gifts, and helping other understand who Jesus Christ was, and why he was so important.  As we do this i believe we can really focus of the true spirit of Christmas.
-Elder Darke

I hope that you all are excited and getting ready for Christmas!
Love, Melanie (Mom)

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