Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A bit of Catch-up and Miracles

So, Life is crazy.  Here's a bit of catch-up from Elder Darke:
11/24/2014 - So today was interesting, and I only have 30 minutes to email, so this is going to be quick.
    This week though was one, that was also interesting.  In the middle of the week, my district traveled to our zone leaders house becuase we had a zone conference the day after.  We left on wednesday, at like 3:00.  Got there in the afternoon.  Stayed the night, then went to the conference thursday morning, got on a bus at 5:00, and got back to our area at almost 10:00.  Our area is so far away from the rest of our zone that its crazy!   I really liked the conference though.
    Things are starting to look like christmas here.  Lights are going up, and there are christmas things to buy in the store!  Its still hot though.  Christmas is still a while away, but i like christmas.  It sa great oportunitiy to learn about the savior.  I will strive this year to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas.
     This week has also been one of feeling the hand of the lord in all things.  We were working, and it was a tough day.  As i was walking i felt the spirit.  It told me that i was doing what heavenly father wanted, and to walk with my head high.  I started thinking about a story in the book of mormon.  About alma the older.  He left the land he once new and started living in a different land, when laminites came and put them in bondadge.  Heavenly father allowed it so they could bear a testimoney to the world.  That heavenly father supports his people in their afflictions.  I felt his support.  It  was amazing.  I am just happy that i have the chance to be a missionary :D.
    Also transfers is this week, so i am excited to see what happens.  The last transfer, the mission president changed my entire zone, so i want to see what happens this time :D. 
-Elder Darke

12/1/2014 -  So this week was amazing!
    The sad thing is, none of our investagators went to church.  It was really really sad.  However as missionaries we dont have time to focus on the negatives!  So we are looking ahead with great hope for this Sunday.  Becuase we are going to work with many people to help them to go to church :D.
     This week in church, we had the primary program!  It was really good!  there was a bunch of children there, and they were all happy, and it filled me with joy.  We also helped them get ready for the program, so i was a great time to serve people :D
    Becuase of the traveling we did last week, and stuff.  We did not have any money this past week.  We survived!  but it was close.  we had just enough money so that we didnt go hungry.  That was it though.  During this time i really felt the blessings of our  heavenly father resting upon us.  The members were giving up food randomly and it was amazing.
    As i was thinking today, i was thinking about the people there live here in Brazil, and especially in Gurupi.  Everyone is super nice!  They are concerned with people and they try to help everyone that they can.  It seems that Sharing is almost in their nature.  Its great to see such great examples of people.  people that we need to be like, and things that we can improve on.
    Until next time!  For everyone though.  Remember who you are!
         -Elder Darke

12/8/2014 - MIssion!
    This week was super good and fun of miracles.  Ill share a few.
  First, we had two people go to church!  It was such a miracle becuase we didnt even think they were going to go to church, and they came!  I am still super happy about it! :D.  After weeks of no one going to church, we finally had someone go!  It just goes to show, the lord really is here blessings us :D
    My companion was sick this week though.  I felt bad, becuase we also had a service project!  We moved a pile of dirt.  He was feeling weak, so he was trying to work. but he was dieing!  He is better now, but Saturday, he almost died.  everyone survived though, so its all good.  Sister lundgreen gave us a recipie for gatorade that we can make at home, and he made it and tried to drink some.  His face looked really funny, becuase the gatoraid is not very tasty.  It made him better though, so who can complain? :D
    Normally we missionaries have a planner that we use to stay orginized.  My area is super far from the rest of the mission, and also the mission is having trouble keeping up with the demand for resources.  So i dont have a planner.  I have a two Real notebook that i bought, and am trying to use.  im used to the planner though, so its a little harder :D.  Its a good challenge though!  i like challengese! :D
    Christmas is comming up and everyone is getting excited!  stores are putting up decorations, and here in Gurupi, they are putting lights on the trees.  So when we walk at night its easy to tell that Christmas is close.  I really like Christmas, but as i have been teaching more about Jesus Christ.  I find myself being excited for Christmas becuase of the birth of Jesus Christ, not the presents.  The Savior of the world, is a far better present to me then any other i could have received.  I am so grateful to my heavenly father for the amazing gift that he has given me.
    This Christmas season i challenge all to share the spirit of Christ.  Giving gifts, and helping other understand who Jesus Christ was, and why he was so important.  As we do this i believe we can really focus of the true spirit of Christmas.
-Elder Darke

I hope that you all are excited and getting ready for Christmas!
Love, Melanie (Mom)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Short, but Sweet

Here's the latest from Elder Darke:
 This week was really fun!  It was also really interesting!  So living in our house are four missionaries.  We have elder Oliveira, elder pincovai, elder shiply, and me!  Elder shiply had some problems with his health, so it got interesting.
    At first it was an ingrown toenail, but then it turned into an infection.  He started taking an antibiotic, and then he started having an alergy to the antibiotic.  He stopped taking it, and started taking other medication, with helped the alergy, but now his infection is worse.  Me and my companion where the, run to the store to buy what he needs, friends.  It was fun, but i am just glad that i never have gotten sick on my mission! :D.
    We also cut another tree saturday!  we didnt cut the entire tree down, but we cuts a lot of the branches off.  the only problem was there was a house underneith the tree.  So we had to tie a rope to the branch, then cut it, then slowly lower it to the ground.  It took a while, but i enjoyed it.  We also didnt destroy anything, so it went well :D.
    We have been trying really hard to get people to come to church though.  That seems to be our biggest challenge here.  As we worked, the lord really blessed us!  We were at church, and three less active members, two of which we didnt even invite to go to church,  showed up!  We were not expecting them to come, and it was definatlly a huge source of joy to us that there were people that came.  it was not what i was expecting, but its obvious to me that the lord is eager to bless us, as we do what is right :D.
-Elder Darke

It's short, but sweet. Hopefully this letter find y'all happy and well.
Love, Melanie (mom)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Swords, Jaka and pictures.

Yay! Elder Darke sent more pictures!  Sounds like he is doing well.
From Elder Darke:
    I realized today that i stopped sending email in portugese, and i thought to myself, maybe i should do one this week.  Then I looked at the clock and thought to myself, english is faster :D.
    This week was amazing though!  I am super happy right now becuase we were able to mark 3 babtism dates this week!  They are super cool!  the only problem is getting them to go to church.  that seems to be the big problem here.  We are doing well though!  Things will work out!
    So in my house there are 4 missionaries.  Elder Shiply, Elder Pincovai, Elder Oliveira, and me!  Elder shiply has been having health problems.  At first he was drinking a lot of unfiltered water, and he got sick.  then he got 2 ingrown toenails, or one, and the other toe was infected, and then he started taking medicine for his toe´s and now he has a rash on his chest and back.  I feel so bad for him!  I am just so grateful that i have had great health on my mission!  :D.
    We have been talking to so many people this week.  Every day trying to talk to and mark all of the appointments that we can!  So our days are crazy busy.  speed walking from one appointment to another, trying really hard not to be late to any.  After a while your legs start burning from speed walking so much!  Its so much fun though!
    We also did a service project this week!  it was super fun!  We cut down a tree.  but it wasnt just any old ordinary tree.  It was a mango tree.  It was in the backyard of a member, and during this time of the year, there is a lot of wind!  We dont want a  tree to fall on someones house or anything, so we cut the tree down!  branch by branch.  It was fun!  We didnt have a chainsaw though, so it was just axe power the entire time!  They also had swords!  really they were mecheties, but i dont know how to say that in portugese, so i just called them swords the entire day.  It was fun :D.
    Because of a family history convention that happened sunday, the members have been really excited about geneology!  One family in particular has been working a lot on it.  I know a little, so i have been trying to guide their searches were it will be most fruitful!  The fun thing is though, in brazil, mainly in the north east area, people dont document a lot of things, so there just arnt many documents of birth or death, or even names.  So, these amazing members are having a really difficult time finding people.  However they are still trying, their faith is showing brightly, searching in every option they have, and believing they will receive.  I know that heavenly father will bless them for doing this, and will prepare a way that they can find all of their family :D.
    I was especially touched with the example of a teenager who has been working increadably hard to find everyone.  He was grounded (hehe) so he cant play games.  So has decided to throw himself into family history work.  He knows that it is hard, but he will find people, and will be the means of many people receiving the ordanaces that are nessisary for them to return to god.
    I know that this work is true.  The work of salvation.  As missionaries we work for the salvation of those that are still living, however there are countless people that have died before us that also need salvation.  They cannot do it for themselfs, and they need our help.  their hope is in our hands.  Start for yourself, is a great site you can use.  See the miracles for yourself.  You will be glad you did :D.
-Elder Darke

P.s. also, there is a picture of a fruit called jaka.  You eat the inside yellow part, and it has a really strong banana taste.  Its soooo slimey though, its weird, but its so good :D

 Also, I asked Elder Darke what would sound wonderful for Christmas.  He said recipes that he could try, gatorade powder, cake mixes or cookies. silly stuff (of course) and any cards, pictures or letters.  Sounds like we have our work cut out for us!
Thanks to everyone for supporting our Elder!
Melanie (Mom)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catching up, Gurupi and Elder Oliveiro

Well somehow I've gotten behind.  Here's to catching up!
          Oct 20th - 
 This week was really amzing!  It was TRANSFERS!   So i figured out that i am staying in the area, my companion (that i finished his training) will leave the area, and i will get another newbe that i will train!  I am so excited!  Training missionaries is the best part because you can mold them so easily to be the best kind of missionary!  It requires a huge amount of diligence becuse the newbe will see everything that i do.  However i can do this!  Heavenly father has given me his trust to train this newbe and i can do it! :D    I still havnt met him yet though.  So i will tell you all about him later.  When i actually meet him :D.
    I am still in gurupi though!  Its the time of the year when i will start raining here.  and i am excited!  Its super fun to work in the rain.  Especially when you are drentched and super wet and trying to work and everything.  Its fun :D.  The drainage system for gurupi though is strange, like all the water just flows down the streets.  So i am probably going to have to walk in huge rivers of water!  so excited! :D
    This last week in church, i also gave a talk.  It was about ´´what type of man we should be´´.  I did my best, and i am not quite sure if everyone there understood what i was saying.  thats ok though, becuase two other elders also gave talks, so everyone probably understood the talks of the other two :D
    At the beginning of the week, we had a zone activity, It was super fun, with soccer, and water ballons.  and a talent show and food!  We had a fun time.  The elder in my city went up (i did to) and it took us 4 hours, by bus to get there.  It took a while.  but thats ok, it was worth it.  After the activity, like the day after.  We also had a conference of our zone.  With the mission president.  He showed us where the mission is now.  Then he showed us were the mission is going to go.  He open up our eyes to the possibilites of the mission.  So everyone is super excited now :D.  We are going to do amazingly!  :D.  This are about to change in this mission for the better.  It is cool that we can be here during this time to help this change happen!
    I am trying to especially work on something that i heard in conference.  To have a continual supply of personal revelation.  To be able to heard the spirit, and recognize what he is saying constanly like that is truly a unique challenge.  It is one that i need to master though.  I can do this!  With the help of the lord, I can do all things :D
-Elder Darke
Oct 27th -
 This week was amazing!
    I am training a new missionary here in Gurupi!  His name is elder Oliveiro, and he is brazilian!  He is from São paulo.
    I am still doing well.  I realized today that i have never gotten sick on the mission. sort of :D
    It has also started the rainy season here!  So the sun is being blocked behind clouds! its so much better then being burned by the sun!
    So my new companion´s name is elder Oliveiro, he is from São paulo and he is cool.  he talks in 3 three different launguages, english, spanish, and portugese.  He reminds me so much of my brother Corwin though.  He laughs just like my him!  The first time i heard it i was like WHAAAAAAT!  Corwin laughs harder though, he laughs the same, but without the same intestity :D. So anyway I am trying my best to help him be a great missionary!  The other day though, we were really far away from our house 20 minutes before we were suppost to be at home.  So we walked like the wind.  It wasnt really walking as it was running with the appearence of walking.  (it was reallllly fast walking).  Our legs were on fire, and it was painful.  HOWEVER we got home on time.  when we got home, elder Oliveiro died on the floor.  I even have a picture of it.  He stayed there for 30 mintues.  i felt a little bad for him, but i gave him a little chocolate later to make up for it :D.
    i was just thinking today, and i realized that i have never gotten sick on the mission.  i have gotten head aches that i just needed to drink a littl bit of water to make them go away.  and one time i wasnt feeling good for a few hours after lunch.  Other then these small experiences, I have never gotten sick!  I feel so happy to see the blessings heavenly father has given me :D. Its super cool! :D
    It has also started raining!  like the rainy season has started!  Which is good, becuase the state of Tocentins (where i am) its really hot!  and the sun is really strong.  So I am glad that there are clouds now!  The bad part, is that it is the hottest part of the year.  without the sun though, it feels better :D.
  I know this work is true.  Sunday i was given the oportunity to see a recent convert of the missionaries before me receive the Preestood.  It was a great moment.  To see someone continue on the path that they started.  I am really happy for him.
    I also saw great examples of faith and patience this week!  There is a recent convert here that is the only one in his family that is babtised.  He is really awesome, and despite all his troubles, and challenges, he is still going strong.  He is even preparing to go on a mission!  His parents are against it, but i believe in him!  he will do amazingly!
    I know heavely father loves us, and he will bless us with everything that we need.  He is an amazing father, and he is always watching over us.  Especially in the moments we feel alone, he is still there with us :D.
-Elder Darke

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Address!! Groupi and Fruit

Here's news from Elder Darke:
So, the mission office has changed, and if you want to send me a package, letter, or something, send it to this address.

AOS 5/6 Bloco A

Bairro Octogonal



  So if you want to send anything *hint* *hint*.  Send it to this address please :D.
    My week was really amazing!  However me and my district are having a time challenge for our emails, so i am just going to write this in english so i can win :D>  mua ha ha! :D.
    Anyway, Groupi is amazing!  its also really really big.  We got lost the other day going to lunch, then walking back from lunch.  lets just say we were so lost, and far away from where we were trying to go that when we asked someone were the center of the city was (where we live, we were trying to get back to an appointment near our house), he looked at us.  Said that is was REALLY far away, then said that is was, i think he said 10 kilometers.  He then asked if we wanted a ride.  I said yes.  We were really really really far away.  :D.
    The other two elder in my house had a babtism this saturday.  It was an investagator from the sisters that worked here before us.  His wife has been a members for years, and he never joined.  But he joined now, and everyone is really happy :D.  Babtisms are always amazing!  the spirit is there, everyone is really happy!  It fills me with joy :D.
    So this week especially, no one in my house has had any money.  Becuase of the bus rides we took to palmas last week, and the things we had to buy for the house, we were all broke.  Lets just say we survived on the goodness of the members here.  We didnt tell anyone that we were broke, but the members kept offering us fruits and things to keep us alive (along with good lunches) :D.  So we basically survived this week on fruit alone.  but thats ok!  There are so many mango trees here that people are practically giving it away :D.  Its so awesome!
    The lunch that we got lost going to, and comming back, was amazing.  Well the food is always amazing, but this lunch was especially good.  Becuase when we were sitting there eating, and talking to the mother of the family.  I saw something.  She and her daughter are the only active members in the church.  her husband isnt even babtised.  Despite these challenges i saw a light in her eyes.  I saw a confidence in our heavenly father that i have rarly seen.  A firme decision to do what is right, no matter the cost.  As she talked about her plans to go to the temple, I realized that i was talking to a spiritual giant.  I remember something that i was taught before.  Be an example at all times, and if nessesary, use words.  We all need to be an example so good that people can feel we are different.  That people can see in our eyes the light of Christ.  Becuase, we need to do what is right, but many of our brothers, friends, and aquantinces need help.  they need an example to follow.  We can be that example.  We can help Everyone in the world through our example, if we will just live the things that we know to be true.
-Elder Darke
Sounds like he's wanting a little love from home!  Thanks to all that write him, often or not.  He loves everyones letters!
Melanie (Mom)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Catch up, Portuguese and Tocinches

So apparently I haven't posted Elder Darke's emails for a couple of weeks, Sorry!  This one came only in Portuguese, so good luck with google translate.
 Entao, este semana foi muito bom!  Eu estou em Groupi, Tocenghins.  E mutio muito kente aqui.  O primeiro dia eu nao uso protoctor de sul tamben, entao eu estou um pocino quemaro.  Mais estou acustamado agora, porque aqui sentir como Texas :D.
    Entao meu novo companioneto e chamando elder Bueno.  Ele e uma novo missionario come sou um transferencia ainda.  Mais eu gosto ele.  Ele realmente gosto o bibilia, e ele trabalar ben!  O sou problema e que nos nao sabemos nosso cidade quasie nada.  E nos tao temos uma mapa da cidade.  Entao somos perdidos!  mais so de boa.  Nos vamos aprender! :D
    Eu estou muito animado por conferencia genral.  Vai seu muito legal, por que todo conferencia e legal :D.  Eu esperar que vai tem conferencia na ingles.  Porque Vai usar palavras em portugese que eu nao estao acostumado, e eu quer aprender mais de possivel durante conferencia :D. 
    Meu novo area em groupi e muito legal.  Os membros sabe que nos nao sabemos nada, entao eles estao ajudando nos!  Tentando encontrar almoco foi muito estranol, por que nos realmente nao sabe onde foi.  Mais consiguimos, e foi bom :D.  Mais tam ben em neu area, antes de nos tem sisters aqui.  E elas trocaram por elders.  Entao este area e muito tranquilo, por que sisters so podge ir para areas tranquilo :D.  elas deshar uma registro de o trabalio aqui muito bom, e nos vamos trabalar muito para faz todos os coises aqui bom! :D
    cagando aqui foi difficial uma pocino :D.  Oi onibus de Brasillia para palmas foi 14 horas.  E depois nos usamos uma oltro onibus for 5 horas.  Foi longe.  mais eu usei meu dormir talentos para dormir o viagem enteida.  Eu nao sei como eu fez, mais eu fiz :D.  E muito longe de meu oltro area, e muito coises differente.  Por um, tem pes de manga aqui de mais!  quasie todo rua tem pelo menos 4.  manga manga manga.  E mutio legal.  Eu gosto manga entao issue e uma coisa muito bom por min!  :D.  Eu vou comer muito manga aqui :D
    Mais com todos os coises novo, foi bom para ir a igreja e sentir o mesmo unidade.  O mesmo espirito do senhor.  Por que qualquer lugar do mundo que voce ir, Qualquer chapela voce entrou que e nosso igreja.  Voce vai sentir o mesmo espirito.  Por que nosso igreja e verdade.  Eu sei dissue.  E eu sei que issue podge mudar nosso vidas.  se nos deshar o espirito para trabalar dentre de nos.  Eu ja vi issue mudanca muitos veses, e eu sei que todos os pessoas podge aproximar a Cristo.  E seu aperfeicoado nele.  Todos tem este poder.  Ninguem e excluindo, ou nao esta permidido.  Mais todos este convidado para encontrar salvacao, felicidade eterno, e a igreja que podge ajuda todo mundo encontrar este coises :D.  Mais eu sei que a igreja de Jesus Crist dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias e o unico verdedeiro agreja no face da terra.  E eu sei issue por que o Espirito ja fale dissue para meu alma depois uma oracao sincero.  E nada em o mundo podge mudar este coises que eu sei e verdade, e aconteceu. E eu convidar todos os pessoas para faz o mesmo coisa.  Orar para o Pai, em nome de Jesus Cristo, para vi se este igreja e verdade.  E eu sei se voce orar come fe, e com real intencao, ele vai respostar sua oracao.  por ele proeter que ele vai.  E ele nao podge mentir :D
-Elder Darke

This next one is from this week. At least we can catch up before Monday!
  So apparently in my last email i forgot to translate to english when i was done... sorry! :D.
    Well anyway i am doing very well :D.  the members here are really talking care of us and i am learning a lot about the city so im not quite as lost anymore! :D.
    We had a conference with a seventy, elder Mazagartie.  It was really good!  however the bus rides there and back were long.  It was 5 hours there, and 5 hours back.  Good thing that i have sleeping on the bus skills! :D.  It was a really good conference though.  He talked a lot about what we can do as missionaries to preach repentence, help people stay in the church, and update our area book.  Becuase he waited 5 years to get babtised.  and he said that for people like him, a good area book is really important to keep track of these people.  So me and my companion are trying to update the area book every day now.  So far we are doing well :D
    I am so excited for GENERAL CONFERIENCE!  I can hardly wait!  I will take notes on everything! :D.  Its my third general conference on the mission. Strange :D.
     Since we are new to the area we are trying to find people to teach.  Which leads to a lot of talking to people in the streets and stuff.  It is amazing to see the many different kinds of people.  not only the different kinds of people, but their spirital progression.  There are some people we see that are elects.  They are close to their heavenly father and they are faithful to the knowledge that they have about this commandments.  These people are awesome.  Then there are others that are lost, becuase they simply dont know where the truth is.  Its amazing to see our message really open the minds of people and help them be more happy!
    In this new branch, i am the offical leader of music person. I am also really bad at it :D.  However i know how to do it, so i have an opportunity to be of service!  Its really cool :D.  I just hope no one notices that i really am not very good at it :D.
    Tocinches is really cool!  one of the cool things about the city were i am is that there are fruit trees everywhere!  almost every tree we see is a mango tree, or a caju tree, or a bannana tree, or suger cane or something!  Its soo cool!  The weird thing is that were i am, I am pretty sure the male female pertentage is like 30/70.  There are so many women here!  We have been asked to focus on finding men, because there are so many women! :D.  Its weird.
    Other then that i am just finding many hidden treasures in the scriptures!  Its soo much fun!  Its like a treasure hunt when i read the scriptures, but there are all sorts of treasure.  Like normal treasure, but also hidden treasures that you can find if you look hard enough!  Its really cool :D
    the branch presidente is a announcer on the radio, he has a powerful voice.  Its fun to hear him talk :D.
    What really hit me this week though was that If we follow the guidence of the spirit there are always people to find, to help, to guide.  The other day it was almost night, and we didnt have much time before we went home.  We decied to stop for a minute and think what would be the best thing for us to do.  I prayed for guidence, and i felt the impression that we should do contacts.  So that is what we did.  we had been doing a lot of other contacts before, but we werent having much success.  After the prayer, the first person we talked to asked us to sit down on chair in his front yard, and teach him more about our message.  I was really excited.  He is a really good person and i have great hope for him for the future :D.  Even when we are tired, sad, angry, depressed, or something else (I am never tired, sad, angry, or depressed, this is just an example :D).  There are always people we can help, or that need our help.  We have to be ready to do what we need to help, always :D  Becuase i know that heavenly father puts people in our path that need our help.  So we have a great privledge to help them :D.
He sounds great as usual, love his amazing attitude.
Thanks y'all!
Melanie (Mom)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Knees, Satan and Keeping Strong

Sorry for the late post, we were doing new floors in our house! We also received a couple of letter from Elder Darke.  He sent them the beginning of June!  Wow!  Just so everyone understands the turnaround for upcoming Christmas. Start Planning now!

From Elder Darke:
   Este semana foi muito bom!  Nos irmos para o medico para vi que e acontecendo para o juelio de meu companeto.  Tam ben Presidente Lundgren visitavem nosso ala Sexta feida, para dar uma discourso sobre trabalio missionionario, foi bom :D.  estamos fortelecendo o recen coversos aqui, e vimos muito successo na menos ativos indo para agreja! :D.
    tao bom.  Premeido nos temos um renuao de zona que foi muito bom.  Nos tem quasie 6 missinoarios terminando o missao deles, entao eles dar o testimunios deles.  Foi triste para vi o amigos que eu fazia preparando para caiu da missao.  Mais eu voi ficar em contacto com eles.  por que eles sao meu amigos! :D.  Mais o testimonio deles tem muito forca.  e foi testimonios de pessoas que entradam o fogo de missionario trabalio, e caiu, servos de nosso pai celestial :D.
    Depois, eu e meu companeto ir para uma medico para vi que foi acontecendu com o juelio dele.  Mais nos nao vou receber o resultados ate quarta feida.  Entao pressesamos esperar uma pocino mais.  nao sabemos que e acontecendo, mais eu tem confianca em meu companeto que ele podge continuar ate este dia :D
    Nos tem ben temos uma conferencia do nosso ala come o presidente da missao.  Eles fala muito sobre trabalio missionario, e todos os membros gostavem que aconteceu.  e eu tam ben vi o resultados do que aconteceu.  Os membros foi mais animado para faz trabalio missionario!  Eu recebe o pedidos de 2 membros perguntando para visitar pessoas com nosco.  foi muito bom.
    Este semana espcialmente nos trabablamos com menos ativos!  e domingo, na igreja nos vimos o frutos de nosso trabalio :D.  Temos muitos pessoas na igreja por renuao sacramental.  eu vi muitos pessoas menos ativo,  e foi bom para vi que eles foi voltando para agreja!  e agora nos preseso continuar issue! :D
    tam ben nos falamos com uma recen converso o oltro dia.  ela pedi nos para orar por ele.  Por que ela foi sentindo o tentacaos do satanais.  Muitos pessoas foi falando que nosso agreja foi uma saita, e que ela preseso caiu da igreja.  Mais vimos de o testimonio que ele tem, tem forca.  E ele e continuando com forca!  Caindo uma oltro i agreja, e difficail, mais por que ele tem um testimonio que nescer do o espirito santo, ele e continuando em que ele sabe e verdade.  E eu sei este igreja e verdade.  e que pai celestial tem amor, e vai cuidar todos nos.  Se nos estamos fies para o mandamentos dele.  :D
-Elder Darke


    This week was really amazing!  we went to the doctor to see what is happening with the knee of my companion!  Also, the presidente of our mission came to our ward friday and gave a talk about misionary work, which was really good :D.  we are also strengthening the recent converts, and also we are seeing a lot of success with our less active members returning to church! :D
     So, first we had a zone meeting with was really good.  We ahve alost 6 missionaries leaving the mission, so they gave their testimonies.  it was sad to see the friends i have made prepare to leave their missions.  However i will stay in contact come eles, becuase they are my friends!  Their testimonies were strong though,  they were testimonies of missionaries that have entered the fire of missionary work, and have returned servents of our heavenly father.
    After that, my companion and I went to the docter to get an MRI on my companions knee, and to see what is going on with it.  We still dont know, however we will receive the results soon :D.  then we can find out whats going on :D.
    We also had a conference of our ward with the mission presidente.  He talked about missionary work and it was really good.  All the members liked it, and they even felt inspired to do more missionary work!  Sense then i have had a few memembers ask me when they could go on splits with us, and have also received a few referencias as well :D.
    We also visited a recent convert the other day.  She has been feeling the temptations of Satain to abandon the church.  A lot of people are telling her she is part of a cult, and even members of her own family have told her that she is part of a false church.  However she knows this church is true.  she has received a testimony, born of the spirit, and she knows that this church is true.  the power of a testimoney is borne, and nothing can diswade, or disolve a true testimony.  She is a great example to me, of being steadfast in the face of adversity.
    Our heavenly father love each and every one of us.  He will watch over us, protect us, and help us all of our lives if we are obediente to the commandments of our heavenly father :D.  He loves us more then we can even immagine.  Its amazing to think about :D
-Elder Darke

Apparently everything is always AMAZING!!!  That is Wonderful to me!
Love, Melanie (Mom)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Soccer, and why we have Rules

Here's today's thoughts from Elder Darke:
este semana foi muito bom!
    temos foochieball segunda feida, tentando que brar o juelio de meu companeto por uma semana enteida, um reunao familiar muito bom, e uma troca com meu lider de zona! :D.
    Entao, Segunda feida nos jogar foochieball com algumas membros nos temos aqui, foi muito bom, mais eu nao sao acustomado para jogar, e eu foi consado depois :P.  Mais foi muito muito bom.  Eu gosto jogar foochieball :D. e quasie todo mundo aqui tam ben gosto jogar, entao e muito bom :D.
    Este semana nos continuar para andar muito!  entao o Juelio de meu companeto e doendo ele, so porque nos estamos andando muito :P.  Eu sentir mao por que meu juelio nao e duendo, e eu nao sei que eu posso faz para ajuda ele seu melhor.  entao e difficial :D
    Quarta feida eu faz uma troca com meu lider de zona, elder Beaty.  Ele e muito bom e eu aprender muito de ele.  mais um coisa eu realizar e todos nos podemos aprender muito, mais ate nos comecar usar este coises em nosso vida, nada vai aconteceu.  Entao eu estou tentando para usar o coises eu aprender :D.  E eu sei issue e ajudando eu seu uma missionario melhor :D.
    Domingo a noite, um de nosso recem conversos faz uma renuao familiar, e convidar nos.  Issue foi o premeida dela, entao foi muito bom.  uma coisa muito bom aconteceu.  O filhio mais velho dele nao quer participar, mais depois o premeido hymnal, ele entar e participar uma pocino.  Quando nos cantamos O terminar hymnal, ele pedi nos para fazer di novo.  Quando nos faz, o espirito entrar the quarta.  O espirito de este music tocar o coracao dele, e abrir uma porta por nos para usar.  entao O missionarioes de o cidade dele vai visitar ele, e eu estou animado por que vai aconteceu :D
    O espirito santo e muito importante para este trabablio.  Por que sen o espirito, nos realmente nao vou consigie faz nada.  Issue e por que nos tem tantas regras,  e o protecao nos temos.  Para ajuda nos facar com o espirito sempre.  Por que nos presesamos o espirito, para faz qualquer coisa sobre este trabalio.  Entao Por todos nos, nos preseso segi o regras, por que nos tem eles por uma reasao sabio :D
-elder darke


The week was really amazing!
    We played soccer Monday, I tried to brake my companions knee all week, we had a renuao familiar that was amazing, and i did a trade with my leader de zona! :D
    So, monday we played soccer with a few members we have here, and it was really good.  However i am not used to playing soccer a lot, so i was really tired after wards.  It was good though, and i really like soccer.  Almost everyone here also likes soccer so thats cool :D.
    this week we also walked a lot!  So the knee of my companion is hurting him, becuase we are walking alot :D.  i feel bad, becuase my knee is fine, and i cant do anything to make his knee better.  I try to help him not walk as much, but he doesnt want to slow down.  We have a docters appointment soon for him, so we will see what happens :D
    Wednesday i went on a trade with my leader de zona.  he is really cool.  Elder Beaty :D.  I learned a lot, but i also realized that i need to do more then just learn stuff.  I can learn a lot, but it wont matter much unless i apply it in my work and life.  However i am trying to apply it as well as i can, and i know that it will help me be a better missionary :D.
    Sunday night, we had a family home evening with a few recent converts that are in our area, and it was amazing.  The coolest thing happened though.  When we started, the oldest son of this family didnt was to participate.  When we sang the opening song, he came into the room and participated a little.  When we finished, and sang the closing song, he asked us to sing it again.  So we did.  When we were singing, the spirit entered the room and touched the heart of this young man.  He discribed it like a knight has all his armor, but a single word penetrated into his heart, and all the armor just fell off.  It was amazing, and it has oppened doors to help us get missionaires into his home :D.  So i am excited to see waht happens :D
    The spirit is really important in this work that we are doing.  The spirit testifies to people, softens their hearts, and really does everything else.  that is why it is important.  We cant do this work, without the spirit.  that is why we have so many rules.  they are not to just hold us back, but to protect us from the many dangers that would drive the spirit away.  They are for protection, and given becuase we cant succeed without them.  this applies both to missionary work and life.  Missionaries have rules they must follow, life has the commandments of god to follow.  Both are vitally important to stay on the path to eternal life.  and without following all of the rules, we wont be able to reach our full potential :D  We need to follow the rules, becuase all of the rules were given for a wise purpose.
-Elder Darke
Melanie (mom)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Knees, Contacts and The Spirit

Update from Elder Darke:
 Este semana foi muito bom!  :D O juelio de meu companeto e melhor nao, e nos andamos muito este semana tam ben :D.  Mais Nos temos muito bom experiencias este semana! :D
    Nossa meta com contactos continuar este semana :D.  Nos esforcar, mais nos nao consiguiemos fazer todos.  Mais nos vamos fas melhor este semana :D.  falando com todos pessoas e tam ben ajudando eu aprender portugese melhore :D.
    O membros realmente esta ajudando nos este semana.  Nosso L.M.A levantar tres pessoas para agreja domingo, e tam ben nos sentimos o amor do o ala todo semana.  Por que nos faz algumas servico este semana, e nos semtimos muito bom ajudando pessoas.  e muito bom para faz servico por que nos podemos sentir o espirito muito quando nos estamos ajudando oltros pessoas :D.
    Este semana especialmente nos testifar muito de o amor pai celestial tem por todo mundo.  nos visitamos muitos menos ativos, e durante todos de este visitas, nos testifar de o amor pai celestial tem por eles.  Pai celestial tem amor por todo mundo.  issue e verdade.  e nos realmente ajuda este membros que qualquer coises aconteceu, qualquer coises eles esta fazendo, pai celestial tem amor por eles, e ele quer eles para tem mais felicidade :D.
    Tam ben este semana, Nos realmente focolizamos em segindo o espirito santo.  Por que ele sabe todos os coises, e ele sabe que e melhor por nos para faz agora :D.  Como missionarios nos tem o direto e privilego para tem inspiriacao por todo coises nos fazemos.  E para faz que pai celestial quer, nos presesamos segi o spirito santo.  Eu sei o espirito santo podge, e vai ajuda nos em nosso vidas.  Eu sei issue por que eu sentimos este espirito ajudando eu, preparando todo muito por nosso mensagem, e ajudando nos sabemos que nos preseso faz, em qualquer momento :D.  O doms, e bencaos de deus estao grande, e marviliosa.  E o dom de espirito santo e uma dom marviliosa.  O espirito santo sempre consosco, e uma coise que nos presesamos aprender mais sobre.  Por que ele realmente quer ajuda nos sempre :D
-Elder Darke

ENGLISH (sort of)

  This week was really amazing!  My companions knee didnt get any better this week, however, we have an appointment with a knee docter tuesday.  So we will get this solved really soon :D.  We had some really amazing experiences this week :D.  
    Our goal to do contacts continued this week :D.  We tried really hard, however we didnt manage to get 100 like we wanted to.  However in the week ahead, we will do all 100! :D.  Its also good becuase talking to everyone is helping me learn portugese better :D.
    the members are really helping us!  Our ward mission leader brought 3 people to the church this sunday and we felt the love of all the members many other days during the week :D.  We did some service at the houses of a few members this week, and while we were doing it, i really felt good :D.  I like doing service becuase you feel so good while you are doing it, and you area really helping other people :D.
    This week especially was work with less active members.  As we found these less actives we always testified of the love our heavenly father has for them :D.  Our heavenly father loves the entire world.  We tried to help everyone realize that no matter where you live, or what you are doing, heavenly father loves them, and he wants them to be happy, the kind of happiness that you can only find in the only true church on the face of the earth :D.  It is amazing to feel the love heavenly father has por people, becuase as we testify of this love, we start to feel a little of it.  Its glorious :D
    We week we also really focused on following the holy spirit.  The holy spirit knows everything!  He know what person is ready to go to church, or be babtised, or go to the temple, or who just needs some help.  He knows a lot more then we do.  So it is way better to ask for his help in figuring out what to do, then just trying to do it ourselves.  As missionaries we also have the great blessing of inspiration for what we need to do.  So leaning to recognize this spirit is essential in this work we are doing.  I know that the spirit can, and will help us as we seek out his help.  I know that the spirit is preparing everyone to except the gospel, to have more happiness in this life, and in the life after, and to help everyone else have this happiness as well.  The gifts and blessings of the spirit are marvolous.  the spirit to always be with us, is something that we all need to learn more about.  becuase he really wants to always help us :D
-Elder Darke

We were out of town for the last week!  It was great to see everyone! Thanks for your continuing support of this wonderful young man!
Melanie (Mom)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pictures, Baptisms and Walking

Here's from Elder Darke:
 Este semana foi muito bom!  Primedo semana com meu novo companeto, Elder De Jesus.  Ele e muito bom.  Nos trabalar muito para encontrar novos por que nos nao tem muitos.  Mais e muito bom :D.  E o Bispo Aqui me dar um examplo muito bom de missionarios e da agreja trabalando juntos :D.
    Entao transferencias passar, e eu ficar em Sobradinho :D.  Eu nao lembrar em eu falo issue o ultimo ves :D.  Mais meu companeto e elder De Jesus, e ele e muito bom!  Ele ven de sao palo, sao palo.  Mais ele tem um ano e 6 em um missao dele.  Ele e muito animado para trabalar e eu gosto ele.  Mais o membros aqui gosto o nome de nos dos.  Por que tem um Elder Darke, com um Elder De Jesus, para eles e muito interesado, e eu asho o mesmo coisa :D.  mais eu gosto :D.
    Este semana especialmente nos focolizar em encontrando novos.  Nos tem um registro de todos os membros, e nos estamos visitando todos de eles.  Mais quando nos faz issue nos andar muito.  E eu sentir um pocino mau por que o juelio de elder de Jesus e nao muito bom.  Entao o andando todo dia coisa e nao bom por ele e o dia seginte ele falo que ele e doendo de mais.  Entao eu vou tentar para seu melhore para ele :D.
    Eu estou muito feliz este semana.  Eu tem um companeto que quer trabalar, eu tem amigos em meu casa, e tam ben eu tem muito membros que quer ajuda nos.  entao e muito bom :D
    Tam ben eu tem algumas photos, eu tem eu e meu companeto, uma pocino orso eu encontreu,  E tam ben o Babtismals Eu tem o oportunidade para ser uma parte :D.  entao foi muito bom :D.
    Mais Domingo nos tem um renuao com todos os lideres in nossa ala onde eu estao trabalando.  E nos falamos sobre trabalio missionario :D.  Foi muito bom :D.  Quando eles falo sobre missionario trabalio, eles nao falo, que o missionarios pode faz, mais eles falo, que Nos podemos faz.  Eles fazer metas for o ala, e depois eles planajar quem vai visitar quem.  Eu sentir realmente que nos somos trabalando com os membros, e nao sou nos, mais todo ala foi trabalando com nos.  Este sentimento foi bom de mais.

ENGLISH (sort of :D)

    This week was amazing!  First week with my new companion elder De Jesus.  He is really amazing!  We worked really hard to meet new investagators, becuase we really need some more! :D.  But it was great!  The bishop here really was a great example of missionaries and members working together. :D
    So transfers came and went, and I am still in Sobradinho :D.  I dont remember if i said this already, but My new companion is elder De Jesus, He is awesome!  he lives in Sao paulo, Sao paulo.  He has a year and a half on his mission, and he is really excited to work!  So i like him :D.  the members here really like our names though.  They think its interesting that an Elder de Jesus, got pared with an elder Darke, they thinks its like irony, and they make a lot of jokes about it.  I like it, it makes me laugh :D.
    So this week We really focused on finding new investagators.  We have a list of all the members here, so we decided to visit them all!  The only problem is when we do this we end up walking a lot!  Also the knee of Elder De Jesus is not really that good, so after we walked all day it was hurting him, and the next day it was the same thing.  However its better now, so i will try to be nicer to him and not walk as much, or as fast.  :D
    I am really happy this week though :D.  I have a companion that wants to work, friends at my house, and members that really want to help us.  So it is like awesome!
    Also i have pictures that i loaded :D.  its me and my companion, a small bear, and the babtism photos :D.  I am just happy becuase i remembered to bring my camera to the lan house to upload the photos! :D
    Sunday we had a meeting with all the leaders in our ward, were i work.  We talked about missioanry work.  it was really good.  However when we were talkinga bout missionary work, they didnt say what the missionaries could do, they said what we can do.  (talking to all of the leaders, and the missionaries).  They made goals, then they made plans to meet those goals. :D. Eu felt like i was really working with the members.  That it wasnt just us.  We still have plenty of work to do, but i feel like the members will be there to help at every step.  That makes me feel good :D.  When i heard this i thought of the talk of presidente monson a while back.  When he said its time for missionaries, and members to come together, and to work together.  I am seeing so many great examples here, examples of faith, of patience, of leadership, and of responsibility.  Its amazing really :D
-Elder Darke
I love it when I get pictures of him!  He sounds wonderful and happy. Thanks everyone!
Love, Melanie (mom)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

:D, and the Spirit

It's short, but sweet and apparently amazing!
From Elder Darke:
 Today i dont have a lot of time becuase the lan house were i am writing this is closing really soon. :D.  So i will just write in english this time :D.
    This week was really amazing!  First of all there are 4 missionaries living in my house, and 3 of them got like super sick!  (i didnt :D).  So it was kind of fun to help them!  I didnt do much other then give them water and tell them that they needed to sleep more :D.  but it was fun.  When things like this happen i can always feel the love that our heavenly father has for these missionaires :D.  So that is super fun :D
    This week we also had an interveiw with our new mission presidente!  He is super cool!  Becauase after the interveiw it was really close to lunch time.  I though he would just go home and we would go to a resturant or something :D.  However he decided to go to the restarant with us!  and he also decided to walk with us!  I was like O.o  So that was cool!  he used to hunt with a bow, he served a mission in brazil, and he is learning portugese really fast :D. So i offically like him :D
    Also the members in my ala are being really amazing to us! :D.  my companion is leaving the mission friday (i am killing him)  (missonary terminalogy).  So all the members are like celebrating his hard work in his mission.  They have been giving us a lot of food, and are really making sure that if we need anything we can call them :D.  So its really amazing! :D
    Also during the week i went on a troca with my leader de zona :D.  Elder Beaty.  He is a super good friend of mine, and while we were together i asked for some tips on better recognizing and following the promptings of the spirit.  What i learned was amazing.  Becuase with my inexperience, i dont have much confidence in my ability.  So he gave me some good advice.  He said that when i feel the spirit, i need to grasp on to it, to act on it immediatly.  Becuase when you feel the spirit, if you dont grasp on to it, act on it, it doesnt stay for long, so if you are undisisive, it will leave, and then you will be doubtful of what you just felt.  It was a great lesson to me!  To be firm for what is right, to be firm when rejecting what is wrong, and to not give even an inch to satan and his legions.  For it is courage, not comprimise that brings the smile of gods approval :D.
-Elder Darke
We like short and sweet!  Don't forget to flood Elder Darke with letters this week!  It's his half-way mark!
Way to go Elder!
Melanie (Mom)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hard work, Baptism and the "Preestood"

The World Cup is OVER! Now back to missionary work......
  O cuppa da mundo termino! :D  Agorda eu esperar este nos vamos trabaliamos melure!  Um semana de realmente focolizando em nosso pescesadors.  E tam ben um semana de o benção de sacerdocio.
    O cuppa da mundo terminar agora!  Eu pessomente ash issue e muito ben por que agorda nos podemos trabaliar mais!  O cuppa foi bom, mais muito pessoas soe focolizar em o cuppa.  Entao difficial para ensinar quando pessoas nao realmente focolizando em nos.  mais nos faz que nos podemos.  todo mundo e muito triste aqui agorda.  O jogo de brazil e alamanha foi mau, e todo mundo foi triste depois.  O problema com o cuppa, e muito pessoas nao quer conversar com nos quando o jogos e jogando.  Mais a cuppa e terminar agorda!  :D.  Entao issue e feliz :D
    Este semana nos tem does pescesadores este realmente e muito perto para seu batisado.  Eles sou presseso receber um resposta de o espirito santo para sabe que nos ensinar e verdade.  Eles esta fazendo todo oltro coises.  entao nos faz que nos podemos.  Nos orar, e jejuar para ajuda eles.  E finalmente nos fazer so um progresso.  Eles fala com nos este eles nao quer seu batisado por que eles nao quer faz coises arado depois eles esta batisado.  Quando eu ovir issue,  Eu pensar, issue fazer muito mais sentido!  Entao nos estamos ajudando eles aprender sobre o expiacao de Jesus Cristo agorda.
    Tam ben durante o semana eu ler so um pocino sobre O Sacerdocio.  e tamben nos dar um bençao de saude para um irma em nossa ala.  Ele tem um pocino difficuldades recentament, e ele sentir como pai celestial ashcesh se ele.  Eu foi um fala por o bencao e eu nao sabe disse antes.  Mais durante o bençao o spirito fala com min, para fala com ele este pai celestial lembrar ele.  E ele ama ela muito.  Depois o bencao ela chorar um pocino, e explicar por que.  Eu sei o sacerdocio e um poder de deus em o mundo.  Este pai celestial amor todos nos, e tam ben ele quer ajuda nos em nosso vida.  Tam ben eu sei este o bençao de sacerdocio e por mulhers e tam ben por homens.  Nao sou por um.  Eu sei pai celestial tem um plano perfecto por todos nos, e ele quer nos para seu feliz!


The world cup is over!  :D.  Eu hope we can work really better now!  This week was a week of focusing on our investagators!  Also this week i had a great experience with the preestood! :D
    The world cup is over now!  i think this is realyl good becuase now we can work harder!  the cup was good, but a lot of people were more focused on the cup then they were with anything else.  Becuase of this is was harder to teach people when they arnt especially focused on us.  however we did what we could!  however everyone here is sad.  the brazil vs germany game was bad, and after it everyone got kindof dippressed.  A lot of people still arnt that happy, however i am, because it means we can work hard again! :D
    this week we have two investagators that are really really close to being babtised!  the only thing that they are missing is a confermation of the spirit these things are true (they dont want to get babtised without it).  they are doing everything else that they need to though :D.  to help them get a answer to their prays we prayed, and fasted to help them.  and finally yesterday we got some leway.  We figured out that it might not be that she doesnt have an answer to her prayers, but that she doesnt want to mess up after she gets babtised.  Now that we understand this we know what to teach about!  the atonement of Jesus Christ!  So i am really happy about this becuase they are really amazing people and i want them to fell the blessings of babtism!
    also during the week i have been reading a little about the Preestood, and also during the week we gave a blessing to a member of our ward.  She has been having some difficulties in her life and she felt as if our heavenly father had forgotten her.  During the blessing the spirit told her that our heavenly father had not forgotten her, but in fact loves her deeply.  He was simply doing what he needed to do to prepare her for things that will happen in the future.  It was so amazing.  I am greatful for the preestood.  Not just for the opportunity it gives me to serve others, but also for the wonderful and amazing blessings that i myself have received!  I know that the blessings of the preestood are for all, and i also know that our heavenly father has a perfect plan for each and every one of us.  He wants us to be happy, and he has a plan for each one of us to be happy.  I know this is true, even if at times, it is hard to us to understand why things are happening to us. :D
-Elder Darke

Elder Darke is almost at his half way point!  Yay!  He's been a very successful missionary and has grown tremendously.  Lets flood him with emails and letters this coming weeks to help him celebrate!!!! Thanks to everyone for such great support of this amazing young man!
We love y'all!
Melanie (Mom)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Capernacum, Packages and Baptism

Here's the latest and greatest!
From Elder Darke:
  Este semana e muito bem!  Nos faz muito ben coises e tam ben eu receber coises por meu aniversadio! :D.  entao eu estou muito feliz agorda :D.
    entao quarta feida meu companeto sentir doente.  Nos ficar em casa quasie todo dia.  mais tam ben nos limpar em pocino, e nossa cassa e muito muito limpo agorda :D.
    Quinta feida, meu companeto sentir melhor, mais meu leader de zona sentir doente.  Mais meu companeto tem um desejo para caiee da casa.  entao, e tam ben meu oltro leader de zona quer caiee da casa.  Entao eu ficar com elder beaty.  quando nos estamos em casa eu receber meu caixa! WOOOOOOOOWOWOOO!  entao eu ama todos coises este caixa!  por o cartas, e tam ben o balas, e tam ben o muito oltro coises!  foi ben de mais.  eu tam ben receber um arma este fazer mutio sombra mais nao tem balas.  Eu usar issue para supreso meu companeto antes ele dormir um dia :D.  mais eu foi muito felis este dia.   E depois nos ir e trabalio por que elder beaty sentir um poco melhure.  e quando nos estamos andando, nos encontrar um lugar este nao tem luz.  como normal todo muito tem um pocino luz, mais em este lugar nao tem luz.  Nada luz.  como muito muito escuro :D.  foi interesado :D.
    Sexta- feida foi o jogo do brazil, entao nos nao faz muito este dia.  mais o membros estao muito animado por o cupa da mundo.  todo vez brazil faz um goo, todos o membros levantar e foi muito feliz :D
    Sabado nos faz servico hoje, e nos faz capernacum.  E ben.  Nos realmente usar coises para martar todo o plantas em um area.  mais o area foi muito grande, e nos nao terminar este trabalio, mais nos vai voltar um oltro dia :D.
    domingo nos ir a igreja, foi bom.  E depois does oltro elderes tem um babtism.  Entao nos ficar em este babtisms para ajuda e sentir o espirito tam ben.  Foi um muito bom experiencia.  O espirito tem muito forca, e eu pensar e pansar este issue pessoas foi fazendo o primedo passos para voltar para pai celestial e tem vida eterna.  Este ensheao meu alma com muito felicidade :D.  
    realmente hoje eu quer todos para entengie o ordananca de babtismal.  Mais eu pessoalmente ash voces preseso buscar por entengimento por sua mesmos.  Por que eu estou muito mau em explicando coises muito ben.  Mais eu quer todos para entengie como eu sentir sobre issue.  Eu sei babtismo atreves um pessoas este tem um sacerdocio e muito importante para voltar para pai celestial.  Todos nos preseso faz issue, E quando nos faz issue correctamente, e receber o espirito santo depois.  Nos comecar este commino para voltar para pai celestial.  Eu nao pensar issue so porque eu estou um missionario e babtismals ver ben em meu reportajim em o terminar de o semana, mais becuase eu sei.  Com certeza, este babtismal e importante para vida eterna, e tam ben nos, todos nos, podemos seu mais feliz, e sentir o espirito sempre quando nos estamos batisade, e honerar o convenios nos fazer em nosso batismals.  Eu sei issu e verdade, com todo de meu coracao.

ENGLISH (sort of)

This week was really amazing!  we did some really good work, and also i received stuff for my birthday! :D  So i was really really happy this week :D
    So, the play by play.
  so wednesday my companion felt sick, so we stayed at home almost all day.  Mais we were able to clean a little bit, so our house is a lot cleaner now :D
    Thursday my copmanion felt better, but my zone leader felt sick.  So his companion and my companion decided to leave, and i stayed home with my sick zone leader :D.  However when we were home I received a BOX! actually two boxes, and they were for my birthday!!!  OWOWOWOWOWOOO.  So i offically love everything in my boxes!  I got candy and letters and a little panguin that i really like :D.  I also got pop guns so i was freeking my companion out with them before he went to sleep the other day.  :D.  i am determined to have the candy last as long as possible, but i really doubt it will last very long :D.  we will see what happens :D.  But after this we left to work becuase my zone leader felt better.  So as we left we saw an area in the distanance tha had no lights.  like none.  It was pitch black.  Like normal dark areas have like a light or two, or the moon or something to light it up.  but not this area.  It was pitch black.  It was really weird looking :D.
    Friday we had a brazil game, so we didnt do much that day.  The members were really excited for the game though.  Everytime brazil scored all the members stood up and cheered.  Then a few looked at me and i was just sitting there, eating some bread :D.  (they had some bread to snack on :D).  but it was good to see them so happy :D
    Saturday we did some service!  We did whats called capernacum, i think.  we use a tool similar to a hoe, and we use it like a sythe, and cut all the grass, or pull it all out of the ground.  to clear a lot so people can atually use it.  It was a large area, so we didnt finish, but we were able to clear a good portion. :D.  So will go back another day and finish :D
    Sunday we went to church (it was amazing)  and after we had two babtisms!  like immediatly following the meetings :D.  They were the babtisms of another companionship that was in the area, but we stayedt o help and to get the chance to feel the spirit really strong.  it was really amazing.  and during the entire time i just kept thinking that these people are taking their first steps to eternal life.  So my soul was filled with happiness :D
    I really want to help everyone understand the ordanance of Babtism.  However i think everyone need to search out this knowledge for themselfs, because its critically important, and i dont think i have the skills to properly discribe it to you.  However i can say how i feel about it.  I know that babtism preformed by a person with the preestood is really important to return to our heavenly father.  everyone needs to do this, and when we do this correctly we receive the holy spirit afterwards.  We take our first steps on the straight and narrow path to eternal life.  Im not saying this becuase im a missionary, and babtisms look great in my report to my leaders.  However I am saying this becuase i know, with certanty that babtism is vital to have eternal life.  we all can also feel happier, and feel the spirit with us all the time when we are honoring the covenants we made at the time of our babtism.  I know this is true, with all of my heart.
-Elder Darke

P.s. EVERYONE! thank you for the package!  I loved it all!  Thank you so much! :D
P.s.s. i do not have a year on the mission :D. not yet, and i also dont want to leave, so that year mark can stay very far away :D. becuase i like my mission and i dont want it to end :D.

Yay, Finally he got his birthday packages!  I sent mine two months ago! Yikes!  I guess the postal workers haven't been working much during the World Cup! Ha!
Thanks to everyone who tried to make his birthday special.
Meanie (Mom)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pictures, His Plans and Bugs

Here's the latest and greatest!
From Elder Darke:
  Este semana foi ben.  Nos officalmente tem um novo presidente de missao, entao coises problemente vai mudar so um pocino logo logo.  tam ben todos o missionarios em meu casa, menos eu, tem doentes este semana.  Entao, issue semana e doido.
    Terca feida, Elder Omana tem doentes.  Mais eu e meu compeneto foi da casa e trabalio muito.  Foi ben.  Nos tem um family nos estamos ensinando este tem perguntas ate o po.  entao nosso visitar normal continuar por muito tempo.  mais foi bom visitars.  tam ben Domingo foi o aniversadio de elder Beaty.  Entao muito membros dar elder Beaty bolos e coises hoje onten :D.
    Quarta Feida Elder Omana sentir pocino doente dinovo, mais ele e sentindo melhor um pocino.  Ele ficar em casa com o compeneto dele por que o companeto dele, elder Beaty fico doente!  Eu e meu compento trabalio normal hoje.
    Quinta Feida,  Elder Beaty sentir doente dinovo, mais meu companeto nao quer ficar em casa, e elder Omana tem pescesadors este ele preseso visitar.  Entao eles caie, e eu ajuda elder beaty sentir melhor.  Realmente sou deshar ele para dormir :D.  Tam ben eu lilmpar muito coises :D.
    Sexta Feida.  Elder beaty sentir doente mais, e meu companeto ficar doente tem ben.  Entao, eu cai com elder Omana.  E nos trabaliar muito ben.  Nos encontrar um pessoas este especialmente preseso nosso ajuda.  O familia dele pedi o irmao.  entao nos ensinar o pocino de o plano de salvacao para ajuda eles sentir mais paz.
    Sabado.  meu companeto sentir doente mais, entao eu cai com elder Omana dinovo.  Elder Beaty comecar sentir melhor, mais ele e doente.  Mais tam ben hoje foi o dia do jogo do brazil, entao nos voltar para casa muito sedo.  como 12 horas.  E depois nos limpar um pocino, e oltro coises.
    Domingo,  Foi normal renuao da agreja, mais depois almoco meu companeto realmente preseso usar o baneto entao nos cohere para casa. Mais quando nos estamos voltando um pastor de uma agreja comecar fala com nos em ingles.  Entao eu comecar fala com ele.  E fala muito bom ingles, mais quando eu comecar fala sobre o livro de mormon, ele imediamente falo este nao e verdade. mais nos preseso visitar agreja dele.  Eu nao sei que vai aconteceu.
    Entao muito missionarios ficar doente este semana.  Mais eu realmente posso sentir o amor de pai celestial por este missionarios.  Em veses com issue eu lembrar Joe.  Ele pedi todos, e ele foi doente de mais, nao por que ele faz um mao coises, mais porque ele fazendo bom coises.  Em veses mao coises aconteceu para preparar nos por o futuro, em veses para ajuda nos encontrar bencaos, e em veses para ajuda nosso testimonios cresender.  Mais Em nos preseso seu com forca atreves este coises, para receber o bencaos pai celestial tem por nos em o futuro :D.  Eu sei issue e verdedeiro.

ENGLISH (sort of)
  This week was really amazing!  we officially have a new mission presidente now, and things will probably change very soon here :D.  Also this week we had all the missionaries in my house get sick.  So this week was crazy.
    Tuesday, Elder Omana felt sick.  So me and my companion left to work, and it was good :D.  we have a family we are teaching that has a lot of questions.  Because of this our normal visits last for far longer then they probably should :P.  But they are good lessons :D.  Sunday was the birthday of elder Beaty.  So a lot of members gave him birthday cakes yesterday :D.
    Wednesday.  Elder Omana still felt sick, so me and my comanion left and worked some more, but today Elder Beaty, the companion of elder Omana felt sick as well!  I was like what is going on?
    Thursday.  Elder Beaty still felt sick but his companion felt better and they had some investagators they needed to visit, and so did we.  So my companion left with elder Omana and they visited everyone, and i took care of elder Beaty.  Realmente I just left elder beaty sleep, and i cleaned stuff :D
    Friday.  Elder Beaty is still sick, but my companion is also sick today!  So i left with with elder Omana to work and we met a lot of great people.  One of them lost his brother a few days ago, so we taught a little about the plan of salvation to help him and his family.
    Saturday.  my companion was still sick, so i left with elder Omana again.  But elder Beaty stated to feel better.  Today was the game of brazil, so we had to stay home becuase we have a lot of chillians in the mission as well, and our mission presidente didnt want to have contention between the two.  probably smart becuase it was a close close game :D.  so we went home at 12, and cleaned some stuff :D.
    Sunday.  we had a normal meeting of the church, but after lunch my companion really really  had to use the bathroom.  so we started walking as fast as possible to our house, but this old preacher stoped us and started talking to us in english.  So i talked to him, but the moment i brought up the book of mormon he said it was false and invited us to his church.  So i do not know what will happen with this, but i hope we can help him realize the book of mormon is scripture as well :D.
    So a lot of missionaries were sick this week.  but i really felt the love of pai celestial for there missionaries this week.  Times like this remind me of Joe.  He lost everything, he was super sick, but not becuase he did bad things, but becuase he was doing good things.  at times bad things happen to us to prepare us for the future, to help us find blessings, and to strengthen our testimonies.  Through all of our trials we need to remain strong to the truth we have.  For if we can do this we will receive an eternal reward.  I know this is true, for the spirit of the lord has given me a testimony of this work.  I would rather be here on a mission, then anywere else in the world, doing anything else.  This is were i need to be right now, even though at times i dont know why, i know my heavenly father knows why and i have faith in his plan for me, and i know everything will work out in the end, even if it doesnt.
-elder Darke

P.s. photos esta meu area, (Sobradinho), um inseto nos encontrar este e grande de mais, e meu trainador, com um oltro missionario ele trainar :D.

P.s. the pictures are of my area, (Sobradinho),  A large insect we found, and my trainer with another missionary he trained :D
I wouldn't want that bug in my bed!  Yikes!  Sounds like he is good.  Love to hear from him!
Thanks for everything from everyone.  The support that Elder Darke has/is getting amazes us.
Love, Melanie (Mom)