Tuesday, July 22, 2014

:D, and the Spirit

It's short, but sweet and apparently amazing!
From Elder Darke:
 Today i dont have a lot of time becuase the lan house were i am writing this is closing really soon. :D.  So i will just write in english this time :D.
    This week was really amazing!  First of all there are 4 missionaries living in my house, and 3 of them got like super sick!  (i didnt :D).  So it was kind of fun to help them!  I didnt do much other then give them water and tell them that they needed to sleep more :D.  but it was fun.  When things like this happen i can always feel the love that our heavenly father has for these missionaires :D.  So that is super fun :D
    This week we also had an interveiw with our new mission presidente!  He is super cool!  Becauase after the interveiw it was really close to lunch time.  I though he would just go home and we would go to a resturant or something :D.  However he decided to go to the restarant with us!  and he also decided to walk with us!  I was like O.o  So that was cool!  he used to hunt with a bow, he served a mission in brazil, and he is learning portugese really fast :D. So i offically like him :D
    Also the members in my ala are being really amazing to us! :D.  my companion is leaving the mission friday (i am killing him)  (missonary terminalogy).  So all the members are like celebrating his hard work in his mission.  They have been giving us a lot of food, and are really making sure that if we need anything we can call them :D.  So its really amazing! :D
    Also during the week i went on a troca with my leader de zona :D.  Elder Beaty.  He is a super good friend of mine, and while we were together i asked for some tips on better recognizing and following the promptings of the spirit.  What i learned was amazing.  Becuase with my inexperience, i dont have much confidence in my ability.  So he gave me some good advice.  He said that when i feel the spirit, i need to grasp on to it, to act on it immediatly.  Becuase when you feel the spirit, if you dont grasp on to it, act on it, it doesnt stay for long, so if you are undisisive, it will leave, and then you will be doubtful of what you just felt.  It was a great lesson to me!  To be firm for what is right, to be firm when rejecting what is wrong, and to not give even an inch to satan and his legions.  For it is courage, not comprimise that brings the smile of gods approval :D.
-Elder Darke
We like short and sweet!  Don't forget to flood Elder Darke with letters this week!  It's his half-way mark!
Way to go Elder!
Melanie (Mom)

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