Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pictures, His Plans and Bugs

Here's the latest and greatest!
From Elder Darke:
  Este semana foi ben.  Nos officalmente tem um novo presidente de missao, entao coises problemente vai mudar so um pocino logo logo.  tam ben todos o missionarios em meu casa, menos eu, tem doentes este semana.  Entao, issue semana e doido.
    Terca feida, Elder Omana tem doentes.  Mais eu e meu compeneto foi da casa e trabalio muito.  Foi ben.  Nos tem um family nos estamos ensinando este tem perguntas ate o po.  entao nosso visitar normal continuar por muito tempo.  mais foi bom visitars.  tam ben Domingo foi o aniversadio de elder Beaty.  Entao muito membros dar elder Beaty bolos e coises hoje onten :D.
    Quarta Feida Elder Omana sentir pocino doente dinovo, mais ele e sentindo melhor um pocino.  Ele ficar em casa com o compeneto dele por que o companeto dele, elder Beaty fico doente!  Eu e meu compento trabalio normal hoje.
    Quinta Feida,  Elder Beaty sentir doente dinovo, mais meu companeto nao quer ficar em casa, e elder Omana tem pescesadors este ele preseso visitar.  Entao eles caie, e eu ajuda elder beaty sentir melhor.  Realmente sou deshar ele para dormir :D.  Tam ben eu lilmpar muito coises :D.
    Sexta Feida.  Elder beaty sentir doente mais, e meu companeto ficar doente tem ben.  Entao, eu cai com elder Omana.  E nos trabaliar muito ben.  Nos encontrar um pessoas este especialmente preseso nosso ajuda.  O familia dele pedi o irmao.  entao nos ensinar o pocino de o plano de salvacao para ajuda eles sentir mais paz.
    Sabado.  meu companeto sentir doente mais, entao eu cai com elder Omana dinovo.  Elder Beaty comecar sentir melhor, mais ele e doente.  Mais tam ben hoje foi o dia do jogo do brazil, entao nos voltar para casa muito sedo.  como 12 horas.  E depois nos limpar um pocino, e oltro coises.
    Domingo,  Foi normal renuao da agreja, mais depois almoco meu companeto realmente preseso usar o baneto entao nos cohere para casa. Mais quando nos estamos voltando um pastor de uma agreja comecar fala com nos em ingles.  Entao eu comecar fala com ele.  E fala muito bom ingles, mais quando eu comecar fala sobre o livro de mormon, ele imediamente falo este nao e verdade. mais nos preseso visitar agreja dele.  Eu nao sei que vai aconteceu.
    Entao muito missionarios ficar doente este semana.  Mais eu realmente posso sentir o amor de pai celestial por este missionarios.  Em veses com issue eu lembrar Joe.  Ele pedi todos, e ele foi doente de mais, nao por que ele faz um mao coises, mais porque ele fazendo bom coises.  Em veses mao coises aconteceu para preparar nos por o futuro, em veses para ajuda nos encontrar bencaos, e em veses para ajuda nosso testimonios cresender.  Mais Em nos preseso seu com forca atreves este coises, para receber o bencaos pai celestial tem por nos em o futuro :D.  Eu sei issue e verdedeiro.

ENGLISH (sort of)
  This week was really amazing!  we officially have a new mission presidente now, and things will probably change very soon here :D.  Also this week we had all the missionaries in my house get sick.  So this week was crazy.
    Tuesday, Elder Omana felt sick.  So me and my companion left to work, and it was good :D.  we have a family we are teaching that has a lot of questions.  Because of this our normal visits last for far longer then they probably should :P.  But they are good lessons :D.  Sunday was the birthday of elder Beaty.  So a lot of members gave him birthday cakes yesterday :D.
    Wednesday.  Elder Omana still felt sick, so me and my comanion left and worked some more, but today Elder Beaty, the companion of elder Omana felt sick as well!  I was like what is going on?
    Thursday.  Elder Beaty still felt sick but his companion felt better and they had some investagators they needed to visit, and so did we.  So my companion left with elder Omana and they visited everyone, and i took care of elder Beaty.  Realmente I just left elder beaty sleep, and i cleaned stuff :D
    Friday.  Elder Beaty is still sick, but my companion is also sick today!  So i left with with elder Omana to work and we met a lot of great people.  One of them lost his brother a few days ago, so we taught a little about the plan of salvation to help him and his family.
    Saturday.  my companion was still sick, so i left with elder Omana again.  But elder Beaty stated to feel better.  Today was the game of brazil, so we had to stay home becuase we have a lot of chillians in the mission as well, and our mission presidente didnt want to have contention between the two.  probably smart becuase it was a close close game :D.  so we went home at 12, and cleaned some stuff :D.
    Sunday.  we had a normal meeting of the church, but after lunch my companion really really  had to use the bathroom.  so we started walking as fast as possible to our house, but this old preacher stoped us and started talking to us in english.  So i talked to him, but the moment i brought up the book of mormon he said it was false and invited us to his church.  So i do not know what will happen with this, but i hope we can help him realize the book of mormon is scripture as well :D.
    So a lot of missionaries were sick this week.  but i really felt the love of pai celestial for there missionaries this week.  Times like this remind me of Joe.  He lost everything, he was super sick, but not becuase he did bad things, but becuase he was doing good things.  at times bad things happen to us to prepare us for the future, to help us find blessings, and to strengthen our testimonies.  Through all of our trials we need to remain strong to the truth we have.  For if we can do this we will receive an eternal reward.  I know this is true, for the spirit of the lord has given me a testimony of this work.  I would rather be here on a mission, then anywere else in the world, doing anything else.  This is were i need to be right now, even though at times i dont know why, i know my heavenly father knows why and i have faith in his plan for me, and i know everything will work out in the end, even if it doesnt.
-elder Darke

P.s. photos esta meu area, (Sobradinho), um inseto nos encontrar este e grande de mais, e meu trainador, com um oltro missionario ele trainar :D.

P.s. the pictures are of my area, (Sobradinho),  A large insect we found, and my trainer with another missionary he trained :D
I wouldn't want that bug in my bed!  Yikes!  Sounds like he is good.  Love to hear from him!
Thanks for everything from everyone.  The support that Elder Darke has/is getting amazes us.
Love, Melanie (Mom)

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