Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What missionaries do during the World Cup. . .

Nothing!  Missionaries don't really do much, it sounds like.  I guess that explains the short letter and no personal letter to me this week!

From Elder Darke:
Eu estou muito ben aqui em brazil.  Estou muito feliz, e tam ben eu estou vive :D.  O copa e muito loco, mais e muito bom :D.
    Realmente o copa e que e muito popular agora.  Todos pessoas esta asistendo o copa.  Drante o jogo do brazil Todo mundo e em o casa´s dele assistindo o copa.  E muito loco.  Mais e ben.
    Presidente guardner e ciando o missao este semana.  e nos vai tem um novo presidente em o dia 28 eu ash.  Mais eu tem muito esperanca por essie novo presidnete.  Eu sei coises vou mudar, e tam ben eles vai seu ben :D.  So preseso trababar ben, e diligentemente :D.
    Meu novo companeto e ben de mais.  Ele tem 1 metre e 95 e ash.  Ele e alto de mais.  Mais ele e bom.  Ele mordo em Rio.  Entau issue e sheeky.  :D.
    Realmente nao muito novo aconteceu este semana.  O copa do mundo e o focolizar de todo mundo realmente.  Brazil e fazendo bem em o copa, e e pocino mais dificil para ensinar quando pessoas focolizando em o copa.  Mais nos estamos ajudando todos pessoas este nos podemos :D
-Elder Darke

ENGLISH (sort of)
  I am doing really well here in brazil.  I am really happy and i am also still alive, so that is good :D.  The cup is getting crazy, like really crazy bu i am doing well :D.
    really the world cup is the thing that is most popular here right now.  everyone is watching the cup, like all the time :D.  A lot of people dont have work becuase its like a holiday sort of.  Kids dont have school for a month so they can watch the cup.  its really crazy.  During the brazil games, everyone is in their houses watching it.  No one is in the streets.  then after the games there is party´s and fireworks.  its really werid :D
    President Guardner is leaving the mission this week.  We had his offical fairwell on thursday.  it was sad. but at the same time it was inspiring.  He told us to continue working, that the mission cant slow down for the new president, but that he will just need to hold on until he gets used to it :D.  He was a good mision presidnet, but i am also excited for the next one :D.
    My new companion is really cool.  He is like 1 meter e 95 centimeters tall :D.  He is really cool though.  He lives in Rio.  He has an accent that is a little difficult for me, but i will learn to understand him better :D.
    really nothing new happened this week that i can remember.  everyone is focused on the cup.  Brazil is playing well in the cup, so it also doesnt look like they are going to loose anytime soon :P.  We are helping people the best we can in the circumstances we have been given.  Its good, and it can only get better :D.
-Elder Darke
Well, that's the Short of it!
Melanie (mom)

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