Monday, June 2, 2014

The Mall, Eternal Marriage and Bricks

Here's from Elder Darke:
   Este semana e muito ben!  Mais tem ben muito interesante! 

Premera nos tocar nossa P-Day para um oltro dia  para ajuda nos ir para um Muito grande Mercada para comprar coises para ajuda nos lembrar Brazil, e oltro sheeky coises! :D.  O problema e este nao aconteceu por que nos tem reunuaos e em o die nos quer faz issue nos ir para um oltro area para faz um interveista babtismal!  o Oltro area e muito longe entao nos usar todo Sexta feida come O invertiesta.  Mais Este semana nos tem um oltro planno para ir para o Marcada coises!  Nos vou ver que aconteceu! :D. 
          Nos tem 4 de nossa pescesadors em agreja!  Todos preseso casar mais Nos estando trabalo comeles ara ajuda eles faz issue :D.  Eu muito gosto o pessoas aqui, este e muito especial para ajuda pessoas quando eles presesar ajuda.  E muito muito pessoas preseso ajuda. :D    Quando eu falo sobre ajuda eu vou falar sobre um projecto de service nos faz este semana!  Um Irma em nossa Ramo presesar ajuda Mudar 3500 cheejolos.  Nos tem 9 Homens trabalio em issue, e nos preseso muito tempo para faz.  nao muito muito, mias muito tempo :D.  Depois nos terminando, todos pessoas esta consado ate o poe.  E muito difficial :D.  Mais Nos estamos ben agorda!  Por o Cheejolos.  Ela tem em um pilio em um shao, e nos tem todos em um Carrao, e depois nos dividir para um oltro lugar e tem todos em o shao dinovo.  E defficial, mais muito ben.  Depois, o Irma nos faz servico por falo com nos e ela e muito grateous por nossa ajuda.  Eu sentir muito ben quando eu ver ele e muito feliz por ok nos faz.
    Oltro de issue este semane e normal realmente.  Mais e muito bom semana.  Eu dar um Bencao para ajuda um irma aqui.  O Sacerdocio e muito ben.  Em veses eu nao sei ok eu esto fazendo, mais para ver pai celestial ajuda pessoas e muito muito bom.  Eu estou aprendendo nos preseso nao tem medio sobre o Sacerdocio.  Nos realmente preseso seu digno para usar em qualquer momento, e obril o portas de ceu por bencoas para ir para o pessoas este preseso :D.
-Elder Darke
The week was really amazing!  It was also really interesting!
  Well first we switched our P-dajy to another day so we could go to a really big mall thing here in brazil to buy suviners and other cool things :D.  The only problem was we had a lot of things that popped up during the week.  We had a few meetings with our Zone and district to help us be better missionaries.  Also we had a babtism interview that we had the oportunity to do :D.  It was in another city and it took forver to get there.  HOwever it was really good and we all had a great time! :D.  We have a plan and permission to go to the mall thing this week though, so we will see what happens :D.  That is also why i emailed a little later last week, becuase we switched our p-day :D.
    We had 4 of our pescesadors em agreja!  they all need to get married but we are working with them to help them have the desire and the strength to actually do it :D.  its really cool to be able to help people that really need it though :D.  We have a lot of people here that need help, and need a lot of it :D.  Its really fun :D.
    Talking about fun, we did a service project this week!  its was great!  So in brazil they use cement and this weird clay brick things to build houses and stuff.  The weird clay brick things are about the size of 3 normal american bricks stacked on top of eachother.  They are not as heavey though :D.  So we had a Member in a branch that needed help moving 3500 of these brick things.  So we did it.  We had 9 men working on moving all of these, and it took us Hours to move them all :D.  We loaded them all onto a truck, and then we unloaded them :D.  After we finished everyone was so tired!  it was really kindof fun though :D.  Also When the member talked to us later, she was really grateful for what we had done in helping her :D.  So that made it totally worth it :D.
    Other then that this week was really pretty normal.  I was able to give a blessing to a member that needed one.  It was really good :D.  To be able to open the window for the blessings of heaven to rain down :D.  As i am learning more and more about how to use the preestood, the more impressed i am with it.  Its really the power of god on the earth to help his children :D.  We Preestood holders need to not be afraid of useing the preestood.  We need to live worthily so we can use the preestood at any moment, and bless the lives of those that need help :D.
-Elder Darke

Hopefully everyone got that!  He loves all of the letters and stuff he is receiving, KEEP IT UP!!
Love, Melanie (mom)

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