Monday, June 16, 2014

Sobradinho, Work and Maracjuas (pictures!)

Here's a letter from Elder Darke, guess what he got transferred!

From Elder Darke:
    Este semana foi muito ben!  Eu esta muito certeza este eu fou seu transferedo este semana entau eu falo chou para todos o membros eu sabemos, e para ajuda eles meu ultimos ves em eu podge.  Todos membros entengie este eu vou seu transferedo mais eles sentir comfortavel sabemos este meu companeto Elder Beaty vai ficar em estancia.  Eu vou falar que aconteceu em transferencias.
    Mais primedo nos faz um projecto de servico sabado e issue e muito ben!  mais o problema e nos nao sabamos sobre o projecto de servico anties este dia, e nos tem nosso celephone em siolente.  Entao o projecto aconteceu e todos o membros em a projecto estando legando nos.  Depois pocino tempo nos perceberar este pessoas legar nos.  Depois issue nos ir para o projecto :D.  Foi muito ben :D.
    Tao bom, por o transferencia, nos tem um legacao este eu vou seu transferedo.  Eu espectar issue.  Que nos nao espectar e Quando o leaderes falar este meu companeto vou seu transferedo tam ben.  Meu companeto esperar por 10 minutues e depois legar eles dinovo e pergunta em eles esta serdio.  Estes estau, e depois nos ir para transferencias.  4 malas em um onibus e pocino difficial, mais nos ir para transferencias com nao problemas, e todos coises esta ben :D.  
    AGORA eu esto em um area chamando Sobradino.  Brazil tem um estado chamdo Distrito federal.  (tem mias tam ben).  Eu estou em o cidade Sobradino em o DF de Brazil.  E eu perceberar hoje este eu nao falo sobre o Terra aqui em brazil.  Entau eu vou explicar agorda.  Brazillia tem que eu vou chamando pocino montonas.  O coises estrangedo e todo cidade eu ver e constrir em o cabeca de um montana.  Eu nao seu em issue e por que o muito choova aqui, ou que.  Mais e muito interesado.  Em o Mais baixo parte de todos de este poco montanas tem muito avordies.  Como eu imaginar O ´´Rain Forest´´ para aparecer.  Este e muito sheeky.  todos oltro partes de brazillia este eu ver tem avordies, mais normal avordies.  Nao como ´´rain forest´´ avordies :D.
    Hoje eu estau pensado muito sobre trabalio.  Mais nao todo trabalio, mais fazendo todos de nossa trabalio ben.  Eu cai meu area, e meu companeto tem ben.  Entao o Novo elderes vou seu mutio perdido por pocino tempo.  E issue muito dependir em nos, em nos trabalio com muito diligentamente, todos coises vai seu ben.  Em nao, issue vai seu dificial por o novo elderes.  Tam ben Pai celestial tem trabalio por todo mundo.  Um trabalio differente por todo pessoa.  Nos preseso faz nosso parte ben para ajuda o purpositos de o Senhor progredir e preparar para voltar o presensia de deus.  Issue e por que nos estamos em o mundo.  Nos preseso faz nossa parte ben, or nos vou sentir o recomendação de nossa desicaos.
-Elder Darke

ENGLISH!  (sort of :D)
    This week was really amazing!  During the week I was sure i was going to get transfered and my companion was going to stay, so i said my goodbyes to everyone and tried to help everyone as much as i could for the little time i thought i had left.  The members understood eu was leaving (becuase they all thought i was going to leave as well) but they found comfort in the fact my companion was staying.  We were all just speculating on what was going to happen :D.
    Before I talk about that though i want to talk about a service project we did this week that was really fun! :D.  The only problem was we though the project of service was going to be on another day so we didnt show up on time.  All the members started calling us to make sure we were alive, but we had also put our phone on silent on accident.  After a while we noticed someone had called and we called them back.  So we eneded up going to the project and helping out.  It was really fun actually, and only a few members made a little fun of us for showing up late :D.
    Ok, now i will talk about the transfer.  So i already talked about what i thought what would happen.  What actually happened was our leaders called us and said i was going to be transfered (i saw that comming).  They also said my companion was going to be transfered (didnt see that comming).  My companion waited for 10 minites and called them again and asked if they were serious.  they said yes.  :D.  having 4 large things of luggage on an bus is hard to control.  However we made it to transferes, we didnt die, and everything went well.
    I am now serving in a city called Sobradino.  Brazil has a lot of states, and one of them is called the federal district.  This is a state with all the goverment buildings and things.  So i am in a city called Sobradino, in the Federal District of Brazil :D.  Its really pretty here :D.  On saying that though i realize i have never really talked much about the terrain here.  Very well, Brazillia is mainly made up of ´´rolling hills´´.  It doesnt have mountains, and it isnt very flat.  The weird thing is all the cities here are built on the side of these hills.  I dont know if its becuse of the rain, or it was just easier that way or what.  but all the cities ive seen are built on the side of the hills.
    At the bottom of the hills, where all the water runs after rain falls, there is a dense collection of trees.  Its like little forrests at the bottom of all the hills :D.  Like Rain forest collection of trees.  All over the hills (where people havnt cut them down) there are other, not quite as rain foresty trees.  but its kindof cool :D.
    Today i havnt been thinking a lot obout work.  but not all kinds of work, but doing our work well.  I left my area with my companion.  There will be new elders in our place that dont have our experience about the area.  It will probably be difficult at first.  How difficult really depends on us.  If we worked hard, and did everything we were suppost to (belive me, we tried to :D).  It will be less difficult for the new elders.  If we didnt do our work, it will be really hard for the new elders.  When i think of this i think of how our heavenly father has a plan for each one of us.  He has things that he needs us to do.  It is unique for everybody, however we need to do our part well.  For ´´whatever thou art, act well thy part´´.  If we do this we will be preparing ourselves to return to the presense of our Heavenly Father.  This is why we are here, and if we work well we will one day receive the reward for our actions :D.
-Elder Darke

These pictures are of a bird in a member's home.  It broke it's wing and she keeps it as a pet.  Below is a fruit that if you drink it's juice it makes you fall asleep. Mr Fruit, Ninja missionary of course would like this.  The last picture is of some banana bread that Elder Darke made with the slices of a smiley face cut out of it.

That all folks,
Love, Melanie (mom)

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