Monday, June 9, 2014

Fantaulisticly, Free Will and Soccer!

Here's a great email from Elder Darke.  By the way, he asks that if you'd like to hear more from him to give me your email and I can forward it on.  He'd really like his friends that'll be gone when he gets backs emails.  Hint, Hint, Bryan, Thayne, Erin and Dylan!

From Elder Darke:
Este semana e muito ben!  Eu gosto muito! :D
    Primedo nos ir para agreja e nos tem um membro convite um amego dele para agreja!  Nos ensinar este amigo muito tempo antes, mais o pai dele nao gosto agreja muito.  Nos pensamos este nos nao vou ver ele dinovo.  Mais este e cinco semanas anties.  E ele ir a igreja!  Eu estou muito feliz por que issue acenteceu :D.
    Nos tem um actividade de zona hoje!  e muito ben e nos jogar footiball e comomos muito carne e frango e pão :D.  Eu estou muito consado agorda, mais e muito muito ben :D.  depois pocino tempo o oltro elderes tem coises de agua, e comecar ajuda todos pessoas seu mulhado.  issue e interesado :D.
    Oltro de issue nos tem muito pessoas nos estamos ajudando.  Em veses e muito triste por que este pessoas e nao fazendo coises para ajuda eles sabemos este igreja e verdedeiro.  Mais tem ben e feliz por que oltro pessoas esta fazendo o coises para ajuda eles sabemos igreja e verdedeiro.  E eu gosto o felizidade muito mais de o tristesa :P.
    Tam ben nos ir para o area de o sisters para faz um intervista babtismal!  Este e muito ben!  O area do o sisteres e longe, mais para faz um intervista babtismal e muito ben :D.  meu companeto faz o intervesta e eu ajuda todos pessoas seu feliz quando eu faz brincadedas em o piano :D. e ben :D
    Eu estau lendo o livro de mormon e eu esta markardo todos o coises este falo sobre o evangelho de Jesus cristo como fé, arrependimento, babtismal, O Dom do espirito Santo, e preseverar até o fim.  E quando eu fazendo issue eu pensar muito sobre o ultimo coises.  Preseverar ate o fim.  Nossa vida e muito corto.  Mais o tempo nos tem e para ajuda nos preparar ate o fim.  Este e muito importante.  Nos preseso faz todos, e depois continuar fazendo este coises.  E não para.  Em nos faz issue, nos podemos ir para o reino celestial.  Este e muito importante.  Este e mias importante de todos oltro coises.  Vida Eterna.  Não tem um melhor dom de deus de issue.
-Elder Darke

ENGLISH!  (sort of :D)
      This week was super fantaulisticly amazing!  I really liked it!
  First i need to tell you that when we went to church sunday, one of the members invited his friend to church.  This friend has not come to church in 5 weeks becuase his dad wanted him to be catholic when we were teaching him, but apparently he is not worried about it anymore!  Its soo cool!  I never expected to see him again!  but he came to church!  I was so happy sunday!  it was such an amazing suprise :D.
    Also today we had an activity of our zone.  It was super fun!  we played soccer!  and ate meat! and bread!  and played more soccer!  So right now i am really tired!  but it was totally worth it!  :D.  About half way through the activity some of the elders decided that intergrating water into it would be fun :D.  So they started filling up water balloons,  When that didnt work they just started dragging people over to an area with a hose and drenched them :D.  It was fun :D.  
    Other then this we just have a lot of people that we are trying to help right now :D.  At times it is a little sad becuse these people that you start to love just arnt doing the right things.  Its soo sad becuase we know what will help them be happy, we know what will help them have a better life.  However on the flip side, we also have a lot of people that are doing these things to have a better life and be happy.  They are reading the book of mormon, they are praying and going to church.  These people help me be really really happy :D.  And i like being happy a lot more then i like being sad :D.
    Oh!  also we went to the area of the sisters in our district.  Its a little far away but while we were there we did a babtism interveiw!  it was totally worth it :D.  My companion did the interveiws, and I was entertaining people by playing around on the piano.  It was an electric one, so it have a bunch of different sound options, so i was playing with it :D.
    As i am reading the book of mormon this time i am trying to mark all the times it talkes about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Faith, Repentence, Babtism, The Gift of the holy ghost, and continuing strongth until the end.  As i have been doing this i have been thinking a lot about the last step.  Continueing strong until the end.  Our life is really short, in the eternal sceme of things.  However what happens in this life effects what will happen for ever after.  We need to be strong for this small period of time so we may receive the eternal reward that we all desperatly want :D.  If we do this we will be able to go to the celestial kingdom,  This is really important.  Actually its more important then anything else.  Eternal life, and doing what we need to to gain this gift.  There is not a greater gift of God then this :D
-Elder Darke

Hopefully next week we'll get some awesome pictures and stuff!
Love, Melanie (Mom)

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