Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Knees, Contacts and The Spirit

Update from Elder Darke:
 Este semana foi muito bom!  :D O juelio de meu companeto e melhor nao, e nos andamos muito este semana tam ben :D.  Mais Nos temos muito bom experiencias este semana! :D
    Nossa meta com contactos continuar este semana :D.  Nos esforcar, mais nos nao consiguiemos fazer todos.  Mais nos vamos fas melhor este semana :D.  falando com todos pessoas e tam ben ajudando eu aprender portugese melhore :D.
    O membros realmente esta ajudando nos este semana.  Nosso L.M.A levantar tres pessoas para agreja domingo, e tam ben nos sentimos o amor do o ala todo semana.  Por que nos faz algumas servico este semana, e nos semtimos muito bom ajudando pessoas.  e muito bom para faz servico por que nos podemos sentir o espirito muito quando nos estamos ajudando oltros pessoas :D.
    Este semana especialmente nos testifar muito de o amor pai celestial tem por todo mundo.  nos visitamos muitos menos ativos, e durante todos de este visitas, nos testifar de o amor pai celestial tem por eles.  Pai celestial tem amor por todo mundo.  issue e verdade.  e nos realmente ajuda este membros que qualquer coises aconteceu, qualquer coises eles esta fazendo, pai celestial tem amor por eles, e ele quer eles para tem mais felicidade :D.
    Tam ben este semana, Nos realmente focolizamos em segindo o espirito santo.  Por que ele sabe todos os coises, e ele sabe que e melhor por nos para faz agora :D.  Como missionarios nos tem o direto e privilego para tem inspiriacao por todo coises nos fazemos.  E para faz que pai celestial quer, nos presesamos segi o spirito santo.  Eu sei o espirito santo podge, e vai ajuda nos em nosso vidas.  Eu sei issue por que eu sentimos este espirito ajudando eu, preparando todo muito por nosso mensagem, e ajudando nos sabemos que nos preseso faz, em qualquer momento :D.  O doms, e bencaos de deus estao grande, e marviliosa.  E o dom de espirito santo e uma dom marviliosa.  O espirito santo sempre consosco, e uma coise que nos presesamos aprender mais sobre.  Por que ele realmente quer ajuda nos sempre :D
-Elder Darke

ENGLISH (sort of)

  This week was really amazing!  My companions knee didnt get any better this week, however, we have an appointment with a knee docter tuesday.  So we will get this solved really soon :D.  We had some really amazing experiences this week :D.  
    Our goal to do contacts continued this week :D.  We tried really hard, however we didnt manage to get 100 like we wanted to.  However in the week ahead, we will do all 100! :D.  Its also good becuase talking to everyone is helping me learn portugese better :D.
    the members are really helping us!  Our ward mission leader brought 3 people to the church this sunday and we felt the love of all the members many other days during the week :D.  We did some service at the houses of a few members this week, and while we were doing it, i really felt good :D.  I like doing service becuase you feel so good while you are doing it, and you area really helping other people :D.
    This week especially was work with less active members.  As we found these less actives we always testified of the love our heavenly father has for them :D.  Our heavenly father loves the entire world.  We tried to help everyone realize that no matter where you live, or what you are doing, heavenly father loves them, and he wants them to be happy, the kind of happiness that you can only find in the only true church on the face of the earth :D.  It is amazing to feel the love heavenly father has por people, becuase as we testify of this love, we start to feel a little of it.  Its glorious :D
    We week we also really focused on following the holy spirit.  The holy spirit knows everything!  He know what person is ready to go to church, or be babtised, or go to the temple, or who just needs some help.  He knows a lot more then we do.  So it is way better to ask for his help in figuring out what to do, then just trying to do it ourselves.  As missionaries we also have the great blessing of inspiration for what we need to do.  So leaning to recognize this spirit is essential in this work we are doing.  I know that the spirit can, and will help us as we seek out his help.  I know that the spirit is preparing everyone to except the gospel, to have more happiness in this life, and in the life after, and to help everyone else have this happiness as well.  The gifts and blessings of the spirit are marvolous.  the spirit to always be with us, is something that we all need to learn more about.  becuase he really wants to always help us :D
-Elder Darke

We were out of town for the last week!  It was great to see everyone! Thanks for your continuing support of this wonderful young man!
Melanie (Mom)

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