Monday, March 23, 2015

Feb, March, Lizana and Unaiee!

February 9th:
This week was amazing!  So if anyone tells you otherwise, dont beleive them! :D
    I have been getting the oportunity to feel the guidence of the lord in my daily work.  I know that the lord, loves each and everyone of us.  If we could comprehend everything that he does for us, each and every day, we would be utterly astounded, and shocked beyond all measure.
    Not only of what he does for us, but what he says to us every day.  He is constantly trying to guide us down his paths.  He is constantly trying to shape our lives into what he knows we can be.  We resist this change, for many reasons.  For one of the most common, we just dont understand.  We dont see from his eyes.  
    Our physical eyes are amazing gifts of Our heavenly father.  However he gives to us an even greater gift.  The ability to use our spiritual eyes. To see things as they really are.  As we learn to use this ability.  As we practice, and overcome disappointment and error.  We will come to know, and understand exactaly who our father is, and what he not only is doing for us, but what he wants us to do.
    I would like all to know, learn, and master, what was said by elder Christofferson in the last general conference.  It was a great talk, and i encourage all to read/listen to it again.  Then ask our Father how you can apply it in your lives.  As you sincerly seek an answer, Heaveanly father will always respond.

-Elder Darke
February  16th:
 Soooo Im really really sorry.  I got distracted and now i dont have any time to email.  Just know that i am fabulous, and my week was amazing!  The other two elders in my district had 3 babtisms!  These 3 were people that I met when i got here, and they are babtising now.  Its amazing to see their proggress and be able to see them take such a huge step today :D    I love everyone!  and I promise that i will do better next week.
        My mission is really being full of miracles.  I am seeing them every day, and i just feel so priviledged to be here.  Where i am.  I wouldnt trade this for the world.
-Elder Darke
 P.s. The bus is kind of expensive here, so we were trying to find cheaper ways of travel.  I think we are on to something. :D

February 24th:
 Transfers!  In am in a new area!  Getting here was hard.  Four hours to get to Palmas, then 12 to go to brasillia.  Then 4 more to get to my new area.  It was a long bus ride. :D.  But im alive! :D
    I am in a city called Unaiee.  Its in Minas Girais.  I like it here though,  Its a lot less hot then Gurupi :D.
    In the last few days that i was in my last area, i wanted to feel that the work i did was exceptable to my heavenly father.  I had done everything that i could, but i still wanted to feel what he though.  As i knelt in prayer, i could feel, in my heart, that he was happy with my work.
    Its an interesting feeling.  To see the physical results of your work (that appear like nothing).  Then to feel that heavenly father is happy with what you did.  The pure joy of just doing what heavenly father wants seems to completly overshadow any, and all other opinion.  It is amazing.
    The best part is, i know that i am not a special person.  If i can feel his approval, i know that everyone can do the same.  I didnt see an angle, or a vision, but i can feel what he says.  That, to me, seems to be just as amazing :D
-Elder Darke

March 2nd:
This week was amazing!
    First week in Unaie and I am still completly lost!  Thats ok though, becuase my companion knows where we are going and how to get there! :D
    So here there is a Branch of 40 people.  I have already talked to everyone, and i like everyone!  The members are kind, and the inhabitants of the city are the same.
    My new companion is called Elder Vasquez.  he is relativly new to the mission, but he has a great desire to serve.  I like him.
    My week was pretty normal though.  I have seen some amazing examples of faith from the members here.  One of which, moved out of his parents house just becuase he wanted to live the gospel, without causing problems with them.  Another babtised three years ago and is still strongly going to church, and very patiently supporting her mother so that she too can one day be babtised.
    Every where i go, i see more and more examples of faith, patience, and charity.  I long to be more like Jesus Christ, who was perfect.  The more time that i am on a mission, the more that i see Heavenly father in our lives.  Constantly perfecting and polishing us.  That is the greatest part of Trials.  You can be sure that in the end, you will be a little bit better then you were before.
    If we feel like we cannot bear with the burdens that we have.  When we pray, and pleed for his help, he will surly answer.
    The joy of seeing someone reallize this is enormous.  and Fantastic.
-Elder Darke

P.s. I love you all.
P.s.s. Cling to the things you know are true.
March 16th:
These past two weeks were amazing!
    So here is what happened.
  Here in Unai, the branch is small.  Only about 30 people.  Its a normal sized city, and things are well.
    So these past two weeks we have been frantically working to help the members.  Visiting them as much as possible. My companions mom called the mission president because (my companion) was looseing weight. The zone leaders came and gave a training.  So many things have happened that its hard to know where to start.
    In the morning, my district all goes out to a park that is near our house, and we play frisbe.  I cant throw, or catch to save my life, but i enjoy the quick sprints to make the attempted catch :D.  I dont know how, but every day i seem to get dirt, grass, and mud all over myself.  The other three never do, but i am always filthy.  Its fun :D.
     The members here give us amazing lunches, and they make sure we are taken care of :D.  There are two days of the week when we dont have a member lunch, so normally we try to invent something to eat.  We made lazana the other day :D. It was good :D.  (not as good as the Members Lazana, but it was good.).
    I am still completly lost here.  I can get home from any part in the city, but if someone gives me an address, or starts talking about a certain neiboorhood.  I have no idea! :D.  but i drew a map, so i can sort of figure it out :D.
    I am really liking my district.  The missionaries here are good. :D
So, I gave a talk Sunday. There where Three people to give talks, and i was the last one.  I was hopeing that the first two would use a lot of time, so i would only have a few minites :D.  That didnt happen.  The first two blazed through their talks in just a few mintues, and left me with 25, or so mintues.      Personally, i am not very good at talking in public.  On the mission, it got way better, but still, not very good at it.  Before i got up, i was feeling so anxious, and worried.  I was trying desperatly to calm down but it wasnt working.  So i said a prayer.  I have long known that heavanly father is sempre with us.  He will always help us.  Sunday was another proof of this.  After the prayer, i got up, and did the best that i could.  Trusting that, somehow, heavenly father would help.  He did.  The peace that I felt, the things i felt to say.  It was amazing.
    Also this might seem like a silly example to some.  I like to think, that he if would help me with something like a talk in church.  How much more will he help those that go to him with a large problem, or question.  He helps all, and The knowledge and faith that he does this will help us trust on him in those moments of difficulty!  He Loves us, and he will always be by our side. :D.
-Elder Darke

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