Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four square and Doughnuts

We have received several emails from Elder Darke and a couple letters.  He is very much enjoying his experiences and seems to be settling in great.

From his 8/1 letter:
Well I survived until Sunday (it was close at times), but I am starting to get confindant in my portuguese.  It will be awhile before I can write it though.  Will you send me pictures of everyone?  It is comforting to see them as I go to bed.
The days here at the MTC are exciting and full of activities.  The time is flying by.  I will be able to email on Thursday, but until then I will try to send as many letters as possible.  It won't be many, though.  I don't have much free time.
My relationship with our Father is growing everyday.  Most days I call him "Pai Celestial" now, though.  The elders here are great.  Everyone is friendly and my district is quickly becoming some of my best friends.  New elders arrived today.  I had a blast welcoming everyone!  
Tell Missy that  our four square practices are helping!  I am now dominating the court!  We had a district meeting and I was in the choir to sing a song!  Ok, so I don't usually like choir, but my district convinced me to go.  So, I went and I enjoyed it soooo much!  The spirit was so strong! (I failed at the singing, but I enjoyed it so much!) 
I finally got over my discouragement that I have been feeling before I left.  It was hard and at times I felt as though I couldn't go on.  But, I know I can!  I can do it!  Nothing in the world will stop me!  I will work with all my soul for this purpose! 
In emails since he has left, Elder Darke has mentioned how wonderful the food is there.  He also mentioned that the doughnuts are very wonderful and that he has to consciously stop eating them, so there are enough for other Elders to eat!  

We sent Elder Darke his first package.  We filled it with Skittles, gum, pictures and all the stuff he forgot!  Hopefully he enjoyed it.  If you want to send him anything, we would suggest doing it now before he goes to Brazil (the shipping is pricey!). 

Thanks to everyone for the continued support and concern for Elder Darke.  He is growing into a wonderful man thanks in part to all of the wonderful examples that he has around him.
--Melanie (Mom)

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