Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ancestors, surnames and packages

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Here's an update from Elder Galen Darke.
  So this week has been amazing!  It is the start of a new transfer so it has been different then normal but still amazing!
  My area got new zone leaders, and all the companionships got changed.  So it is cool to see the new people!  Becuse of the new zone leaders, they are in our area so we have been helping them out a little this past week and it is cool, but is also changing our normal scedual. :D.  it is worth it though.
  We had a babtism this week (investagator of our last zone leaders), and she never came.  So that was really saddening however there was cake there so we made ourselves feel better with cake :D.  it totally worked.
  My portugese still isnt good however i can pick out words and somtimes sort of understand what is going on.  Most of the time i still dont understand what is going  on :D  However as i think about it i realize just how much my heavenly father is helping me.  He is helping me learn portugese.  and it is not going as fast as i want it to, so he is helping me be patient through the holy ghost.  There are days when everything around me seems to be insane and running into the ground and i feel peaceful inside.  Calm, and confident that everything will turn out fine.  It is just all the more proof to me that heavenly father knows us personally and what we need.
  My thoughts have been drifting to my anscestors latley.  When I have free time, (as i try to fall asleep) my thoughts are often wondering about my anscestors.  Who where they, were did they live, and where did my name come from.  Where did it originate.  It is so interesting!  So much curiosity.  However then i remember that right now i have a resposibility to watch after the living, and after my time for that is over, i can once again turn my thoughts to the dead.  Those of you not on missions i have a simple questions for you.  How did your last names come to be?  You may know it started in europe, but how?  Was it a reward for heroic deeds, does it have special meanings?  I challenge you to find out, and if you arnt excatally sure, then the challenge goes to you to.  Make sure.  Find out for certain, and for yourself.
  The people here are so amazing.  So freindly and kind.  I love them all!

FYI letters are taking about 1 1/2 weeks to get to Elder Darke.  They say that packages take up to 3 weeks.  We sent our Christmas package out today.  Thanks to everyone that participated.  I'm sure that Elder Darke will love it! Sending love in a box isn't that easy to do, but I think we managed pretty good.
Melanie (Mom)

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