Thursday, March 6, 2014

Carnival, Stretching and Preach My Gospel

From Elder Darke:
  So this week was fantasic!    but for a little background information for everyone, this week brazil has a holiday named Carnival.  It gets pretty crazy. All the missionaries are to be in their houses early.  (for me and my companion we are in our house at 6 because a lot of people drink in my area :D).  This isnt like one day either, this is like an entire week.  So It is really different to do missionary work when suddenly you loose two hours in the day. It doesnt sound like much, but it really changes everything! :P.
    So Carnival is interesting.  In my area all the youth (of the church / investagators) have the opportunity to do something called acompemento.  Its like a week long camp for the youth.  So church was really different becuase all the youth were gone.  The church felt so empty.  However that gave me the chance to help with the sacrament!  It felt really good to do that :D.
    (Random news)  I decided a while ago i wanted to be able to touch my toes when i strech.  So I started doing some streches every day.  A few days ago I was able to touch my toes!  ha ha!  First time in forever.  (ya, not that flexable :D)  It made me really happy :D.
    So In my ward we also got some new ward missionaries.  We had a training, and then we let them go :D.  One of the coolest things though.            One of the new ward missionaries is new, and she was really nervous when we first started.  We talked to her a few days ago though, she is already talking to a bunch of people about the church, and If this growth continues, I am sure she will be able to bring many people unto christ.  After learning this I though Wow,  she really must have been praying for opportunites to help people, and the courage to actually do so.
    What a great example.  She was given a challenge that she probably didnt think she was ready for.  Instead of hiding, running away, or something else.  She went to the lord for help and strength, and now she is helping many other people.  How many times have we faced a daunting challenge and Thought to ourselves, How am i ever going to be able to do this?  I am confident that if we humbly ask god for help, he will help us.  For we are his children, all of us, and from personal experience I know that a loving father will always help his children, through thick or thin.  He is there, all the time, watching, waiting to help us if only we will first go to him.  I know this is true.
    One thing that I have realized this week that I need to improve on is developing christ like attributes.  If you have preach my gospel (probably the best missionary tool ever)  It is chapter 6 i think.  I especially like that becuase christ was a perfect person, and this chapter helps us become more like him.  Now I also know that developing christ like attributes is a life long challenge.  However what better time to start a difficult challenge then now?  Or in other words, when is the best time to plant a tree.  20 years ago.  The second best time is now.
-Elder Darke
P.s. Have a great week!

Studies (christ like attributes)
We love this guy!
Love, Melanie (mom)

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