Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Message from your Missionary

           Galen's email this week was as serious as I've heard him write so far.  He is being very successful, but ever so humble!  We love to hear about his challenges as well as the triumphs.  He is doing well and loves to hear from everyone, even if he is unable to respond.  He does, however, read each and every letter/email that he receives!  I think that I'll be forwarding this to some missionary minded people that I know! 

From Elder Darke:
 So I want to tell you all something really amazing.  Part of my area goes in to a military fort called Fort Benning.  We are not allowed to tract or anything in the fort, so it is up to members to invite people to come to church.  Normally you would think, oh ok so normally you don't have many new people right?  WRONG!!! ha ha!  We had ten investagators at church this last Sunday.  Ten.  That is amazing!  We are teaching Nine of them right now, and we had a Babtism this last Sunday and we have one set up for next week to.  The most amazing thing about this is It is all the members!  The only thing that the elders do is show up on sunday and teach anyway who wants to know more.  At first i though, "well im not really doing anything to find any of these new people, so im not really doing missionary work."  I was so wrong.  We as elders have been called to "Teach the gospel"  We have not been called to find people to teach, or go tracting, or anything else.  We have been called to teach.  The members at Fort Benning help us with this becuase they find, invite, and follow up with everyone that comes.  The only thing we do is teach them.  So members, i ask if you would follow the example of the members in this Fort.  Help the missionaries!  Invite people to church.  Invite people to be taught by missionaries.  We need your help.  I know that if you help the missionaries the amount of souls that will be saved will be drastically different becuase of your involvement then without.
    Now I would like to tell you about my companion!   He has been out on his mission for about a year now.  He is amazing.  He has the spirit with him all the time and he really is very effective at teaching people.  He is funny and he makes me laugh all the time.  I really appreciate everything he does to help me :D.  He is very dilligent and focused and its fun when he tires to explain something becuase he makes really funny noises.  (yes the noises are very funny, and i am indeed 18.) :D.  We are working very hard in our area and i Love where i have been put.  The people are all amazing, and nice, and almost all of them talk to us :D.  They are just really nice people.  I can't wait to go to Brazil, however i am enjoying my time immensely here :D.  Well i love you all
-Elder Darke

Let's just blame the Portuguese for the spelling! Anyway, you heard him, HELP the missionaries TEACH!

He says that you can email him, just don't be waiting on a response!  It sounds like he's really busy!
Love y'all!  Melanie (Mom)

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  1. Does he know Sister Wood from Vernal, Utah? She is awesome and when will he get his Visa approved? Any clues?

    Dallan leaves the MTC on Weds. for Virginia! JILL