Monday, November 11, 2013

Blessings, police, missions and "You Move"

Things seem to be getting a little better and a little smoother for Elder Darke.  He seems uplifted and a little more upbeat this week.  We also received a couple of new pictures of him.  Yeah! He's looking good.  Also, I figured out that his companion's name is Elder Tippetts from Idaho. Yep a couple of skinny white boys!
From Elder Darke:

This place is so amazing!
    A few quick things that have happened over the past week that were super amazing.
1.  My zone leaders had a babtism, and he got confirmed yesterday, so that was super awesome so see someone get babtised
2.  A member in my district left to go on a mission the other day.  He is super amazing.  I didnt get to talk to him much, however the little bit that i did leaves me confident that he will be fine when he leaves.
3.  One of my investagators is a police officer in the city.  He is awesome!  Usually when we talk to him we talk to him in this mini police station that they have in the area.  So we went inside a police station and talked to him.  It was super cool!  He is also super awesome.  So we are teaching him periodically.
4.  A super cool thing here is the past week there have been clouds in the sky every day.  And every day without fail, it rains.  How much, and for how long is varied but!  it is super cool!  On wednesday it rained so hard that there was so much water in the street that it was starting to come up onto the sidewalk!  I wanted to make little paper boats and make them float down the street/river.  The clouds are super cool here.  They are always puffy and friendly looking and it so so awesome.  In fact it is raining right now :D.
5.    There are a lot of different fruits here.  Yesterday I ate a fruit and I was informed that if i ate it wrong i would need to go to the hospital.  It was like a fuit with a seed inside.  Inside of the seed there was these spikes/thorns/evilness.  If I bit into the seed then the thorns would go into my tounge and i would have to go to the hospital.  So that was fun :D.
6.  i also learned today about unrightous judging.  I have been reading Jesus the Christ along with the book of mormon and preach my gospel.  it is amazing.  If you want to learn about the Life of jesus christ. i would recommend this book along with the new testiment.  It is really amazing to read.  In this book the cheif jews are constantly unrightously judging people.  This leads to extreme trouble for numerous amounts of people.  I also realized that in certain situations i have judged things unrightously.  So i must be better at this particular area of my life.  That way i will be able to follow the commandments of the lord when he tell us to judge rightously :D.      it is really amazing here and my portugese is still slowly improving.  I am so greatful for my heavenly fathers help with this.  I know he is helping me and there is no possible way i could be where i am right now without his help.  He is just poring out blessings apon us.  His missionaries.  Almost all of the blessings go  unoticed, but the ones i do notice are so innumerable that i cannot count them.  He is litterally poaring out blessings from an extra size bucket of blessings.  it is really amazing actually.
-Elder Darke
Apparently this picture is Elder Darke enacting the comedy sketch "You Move" from Julian Smith's online videos.  The kids think he is hilarious on You tube.  I guess Elder Darke found a place in Brasilia that is called "You Move".  Yep, Elder Darke's humor is fully intact!
 We Love you Galen!
Melanie (mom)

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