Thursday, November 7, 2013

Banana Bread Metric recipe?

It's time for an update from Elder Darke!  If anyone has any wonderful recipes in METRIC, he would love to try them out!  We're trying to convert some of our family recipes and Elder Darke has been experimenting with them.  Hopefully he'll figure it out soon.  I guess you just have to get the ingredients balanced just right.
Here's from Elder Darke:
This place is awesome!
    So quick update on what is going on.
1.  I still have no idea what people are saying
2.  I tried making the bananna bread and i have failed twice.  Lets see if this new recepie helps me not fail :D.
3.  The ward is super cool and friendly, even though i dont what they are saying i can feel their spirit and they are all trying to help me learn as fast as possible.
4.  We have some awesome investagators.  We were talking to one the other day and we showed her a book of mormon.  and asked her to pray to see if it was true.  Her response was different then we expected. she said ´`oh i already know it is true.  I had a dream about it last night.``.  I was like `hey companion, what did she say?``  It was super cool when he told me though :D
5.  I am learning so much here.  One of the major things that i am learning is the value of trusting in the lord.  He has said that he will help me learn portugese, through the scriptures, and through my leaders he has promised me.  However he has also said that i must be patient.  I am not sure how many times in life where i have gotten this frustrated.  However, as with any trial as we endure well and we are able to have faith he pours out blessings apon us.  So now all i can say is that I trust in him.  I know he will (and is) helping me learn portugese.  He has promised me he would, and he is a god of truth, so he cannot lie.
    So This is officially the best mission ever!  

I think that we as a family are going to try and add something to our emails in Portuguese using Google translate.  Hopefully his curiosity will help him learn the language, along with help from our Heavenly Father.

Thanks to all!
Melanie (Mom)

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