Monday, October 28, 2013

My Brazil address!

Well, apparently Elder Darke is wanting some mail!  He practically begged me in several different letters to send him emails and letters!  Well, finally he did send us his new Brazil address, so we CAN do that!
Here it is from him:
    I love being able to start the week with reading about how my family is doing back at home!  Brazil is amazing!  However it makes me really happy to hear from people from home :D  So please email me!  I cant enjoy your emails if i dont get any :D  So please email me!  :D
    Ok so before i say anything, the food here is amazing!  There are so many different kinds of fruits and it is super cool!  I had a fruit salad thing yesterday and it was like (angelic choir), It was so good, and the only fruit that i recognized was a bannana, there like like 8 different fruits that i have never heard of!  It tasted soo good :D.  Besides the fruit people were correct, rice, beans, and chicken are really a common meal here :D.  So it is a little different here, Brazillians dont really eat breakfast.  that i can tell, but i am not sure about that.  After that they eat a huge lunch (it is the main meal of the day), and then they either just have a small snack for dinner, or they just dont eat dinner.  It is really interesting.  and for lunch, usually they have rice, beans, (some sort of meat, like chicken) and some sort of fruit.  It is awesome!  The food here is super good, and I enjoy it :D
    Next is the launguage.  It is not easy, let me tell you.  I still cant really understand anything, however i know that Heavenly father is with me and he will help me learn super fast!  I just need to be patient and work my hardest!  Everyone is helping me learn though.  All of the members constantly try to help me learn new phrases and words, (and the ones that speak english help me understand what they mean :D).  They are all super nice!  My companion knows english as well so he is helping me learn portugese, however from my point of view I am learning extremly slowly.  However i know that if I have faith and patience Heavenly father will help me more then i can comprehend.
    The people here are super nice and I love them all!  A lot of people have a smile on their faces, and a lot of the families that i have meet here are happy!  These are some really amazing, and humble people!
    So the other day me and my zone leader, elder Adams (we were on splits) were teaching this investagator, (or he was and i was trying to figure out what was going on :D).  So i couldnt understand what was being said, however after a few minutes something started changing.  As i was listening i could feel the holy spirit entering the room and calming my heart.  As i looked at our investagator i could see that she could feel the spirit as well.  The spirit is super strong, and I know that This work that i have been called to do is true.  This is the restored gospel again on the earth and i know that true eternal happiness can come as the principles and ordancances of this gospel are remembered and followed.  This is the only way to get back to heavenly father.  It is truly the straight and narrow path. I know it is true becuase the spirit has testified it to me, becuase i have taken the challenge of moroni and asked heavenly father if this was true.  I got an answer and becuse of that I know this work that i am doing is of vital importance to the salvation of many of heavenly fathers children.
    In Brazil everything is totally different.  The only thing that i have found that is the same is the feelings that i get from the spirit.  I am extremly gratefull for that
-Elder Darke
    P.s. i need to tell you something important, something i should have told you a long time ago...... IM BATMAN! (my companions favorite saying :D)
    P.s.s. my mission address is (or at least this is what i have been told)
Elder Darke
LOTE B1 Salas 304/307, Brasilia
71503-505 DF, CEP-DF
    P.s.s.s. It is getting really hot here really fast, and It is awesome!  I think i am close to drinking the amount of water that doctors say that I should every day :D 

So if you didn't catch that, with the failing English (hopefully his Portuguese is getting better), PLEASE send mail!  OH, and if you want to send him something for Christmas in our box get it to us by Thanksgiving!

Thanks again for your continued love and support for Elder Darke!
Melanie (Mom)

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