Monday, October 21, 2013

Gama Leste, Brasillia

We finally heard from Elder Darke all the way from Brazil!  He's adjusting well and will hopefully get us his new address soon.  Here's the word from him:

  I am indeed alive, however i am not quite sure if i have been abducted or not, no one here seems to speak english so maybe they are all aliens O.O.
    I just wanted to let you know that i am having a fantabulous time here!
    This is the first week being here and what i have noticed is quite intereging.  Everyone here seems to be really nice and freindly!  I am in a city called gama, in the east part of the town so i am in Gama Leste.  Most of my area is suberbs (i guess you can call it) and It has been amazing.  To see people who are living in cercumstances that we might not find very appealing, but not only are they living in them, they are happy and they are finding joy as they live.  The people seem really happy here :D.
    In my area we have a large church building, it is actually one of the largest in my mission (or so i have been told).  the church is fairly large in this city, and strong.  I really enjoy it, we are also walking around everywhere so it takes a little bit to travel :D  However my feet are slowly turning into feet of steel!  Everyone speaks portugese and almost no one speaks fluent english so i am completly lost but i am getting better as the days go by.  everyone is helping me learn here it is awesome!
    My companion is a super cool person, he is been on his mission for a year solid and he is awesome.  He is fluent in portugese, and (this part is kind of funny) he is not only training me, but he is also the district leader, seinor companion, and he (and I) are opening up a new area in gama.  It is pretty crazy however we have received some major blessings that have been helping us along really amazingly.
    It is deffenatly different here, however i have gotten used to it and now I love it.  Now i just need to know what people are saying :D
    This week, the thing that i have really learned is just how constantly the lord is with us.  He is always there trying to help us, guiding us, protecting us.  He never leaves unless we drive him away by doing bad things.  His guidence and help has been essential as i have been here.  I trust in his power and his plan.  I know he could help me learn the launguage in an instant, however i know that he has a plan for me and it is better then anything i can think of for so many reasons (so many that i can not name them all).  I Have faith that he will help me and guide me through anything as long as i cling to him and depend on him.  That is something that really impressed me this week.
Elder Darke
P.s.  I love letters and if you could send a lot of them that would be great!
-Will you get me everyone signatures and pictures from the family/and freinds?  I am missing quite a few freindly faces :D.  (like i dont have one of basil :D,) and thats all i can think of :D Thanks :D
P.s.s.s. Eu Amor Gama Leste
We are sending Elder Darke a Christmas package.  We would like to include a letter from all of his family and friends.  If you have something that you would like to include, get to us before Thanksgiving.  Think of it as free/cheap postage for you and a wonderful surprise for Elder Darke.
Thanks y'all!
Melanie (Mom)

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