Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Elder Darke's take from General Conference

We got an email from Elder Darke the other day that I thought I would forward part of it along.  I am impressed at how much he is growing and am loving hearing his testimony grow as well.
 Did you watch general Conference? I hope so because it was awesome!!!  My hand still hurts because during conference, i was doing some non stop writing.  I didn't want to forget anything that was said, and I also kept getting ideas for how these talks could help my investigators and how i could apply them to my life!  so it was amazing!
    I expecially liked Deiter F Ucdorf's saturday morning talk about the challenges of being a member, about why anyone would even join such a church.  It is so simple to me, the blessings that we can gain and the spirit that we feel is worth any sacrifice!  As we give our all to this church we then learn the reasons why this church is so amazing.  It is hard to talk about because it is hard to be belived without having faith in the lord, or having an experience that proves the amazingness of this church.  However as we come to learn this things (one way or another) we will be blessed with increased spirituality and strength.
    Now the question is, why would anyone want to leave?  The answer is both simple and complicated, however it all comes down to agency.  We all have the ability to choose what we want to do.  If we want to believe and gain blessings, or if we want to go off and become lost in the confusion of the world.  We should not condem those that stray from the truth of the church, but should instead continue to be friends, and continue to be a beacon of light to those lost in spiritual darkness.  Now it is my deepest desire that none of you wander away from the church, and the promised blessings that are associated with it.
    I would have great joy for everyone to stay strong in the church forever.  Unfortunately that will probably not happen.  There will be those who wonder, and who become lost.  Do not abandon them, or leave them as they are.  As we continue to be good friends and give them a way to get back to the truth, then one day they may take that chance and come back, and if they never do, then you will have developed a life long friend that will always be thankful for your kindness.
   Now you may be wondering why i am talking about this, the answer is also simple.  I am talking about this because I can see the impact that we can make in other people's lives.  So as you are out with your friends this day, make sure they understand that they can "come join with us" for "there is room for you here".
    Conference was an amazing experience of inspiration and love.  The love of the savior that is.  I could feel how much he loved me as he helped me receive personal revelation through the holy ghost.  I just want to say that I know this church is true.  I know it with all my heart.
    My area is doing amazing!  We are always on the hunt for new investigators but i am sure we will find some very soon :D.  The members are still amazing, and I love my area :D.  I miss you all, I am having a great time here though :D.  I hope you are all having amazing times there as well :D
-Elder Darke
 P.s. never get into a land war with asia, but what is less knows is never get into a contest with a siscilian when death is on the line!
P.s.s.  He is only mostly dead.
P.s.s.s. When you fight children, you must go for the face! always the face! :D

If you didn't catch that last part, watch "Princess Bride" the movie.  As always, thanks for the encouragement and support.
Melanie (Mom)

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