Monday, January 6, 2014

Transfers, Elder Nascimento and Lucas, Brazil

This week's update brings some changes, exciting and nerve racking for
Elder Darke.  I am excited for him to get to explore new things and strengthen his Portuguese.  

Here it is from Elder Darke:
    So today was transfers.  And I have been transfered.  This is my new companion, Elder L. Nascimento.  He doesnt speak english.  So this is going to be the most amazing transfer yet! :D.  I am in a place called Lucas.  It is pretty amazing.  It is about 2 hours away from brasillia.  (It isnt super far, but all the cars here have to drive kindof slow becuase the roads here are not perfect :D).  So this is going to be awesome.  And Proof of that is that this week on thursday(I think)  They already have 2 babtims set.  So woooo! :D.
    My last area was great, my companion was amazing.  However I get the feeling that is area and this companionship is going to be super amazing :D.  If nothing else though, I am sure that I will learn portugese, just by the simple fact that my new companion doesnt speak much english.  So this is going to work out well :D.   So I learned that I was going to get transfered at about 10 oclock last night.  So one, I had to pack really fast.  However, as I was packing I just kept thinking about what would happen.  and how I didnt know what the future would hold.  I didnt know where I was going or with who i would be going with.  At first I was just thinking about it out of curiosity.  But soon that became anxousness, and that became worry.  (would I be able to get along with my next companion? was the biggest question I had).  So as soon as I realized what I was feeling, and not wanting to feel like that anymore.  I did a small little prayer.  A prayer of comfort and peace.  A prayer to help me face the unknown with courage and strength.  As soon as I finished the prayer I felt much better.  I didnt feel anxous at all, in fact I felt excited.  I felt ready and prepared to start this new transfer.  
   If some of you are reading this and thinking ´´Well that is good for you, but Heavenly father doesnt answer my prayers´´ Or even ´´I think you are bluffing, and you really didnt feel anything´´.  I beg of you, please dont think this.  Heavenly father loves all of us.  Every single person that is, has, or will ever be in existance.  If we have faith, and pray in the name of his son, Jesus Christ.  Then I promise he will answer your prayers.  He wants to give us blessings, but to get all the blessings that he wants to give us, we need to ask for them with faith.  I think part of the reason I get answers to my prayers is that I know that heavenly father loves me, and will give me help in any way that I need.  We need to remember that faith preceds (comes before) miracles.  If we have faith as a single mustard seed, then nothing will be impossible for us.
   For those that think I am making is up, there is only one that I can say.  I know that this is true.  Please dont take my word for it.  Challenge every word that I say.  And the way to challenge it is to read the book of mormon.  Study it,  Feast upon its words and teachings.  Then while you are doing that, have faith.  Pray to god and ask with a sincere heart, with real intent if these things are not true.  I promise that if you will do this heavenly father will answer your prayers.  Sometimes not in the way that we expect, or when we expect.  But he will answer them.  I promise.  And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
-Elder Darke

Elder Darke is positive as usual, but I do worry that he will feel lonely not understanding the language very well.   His address will remain the same that has been given out for you that will send letters/packages.  That is actually the mission home address.  He says that they don't even have a post office where he will be.  Somehow though, they get him his letters.
We love you all (y'all)!
Melanie (Mom)

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