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Elder Beaty, Davi, and the Plan of Salvation

Sorry, folks!  I just couldn't seem to get caught up last week.  Today's special two for one Missionary week with pictures, yay!!
From Elder Darke:

April 28th, 2014:
Baptism of Pedro and "Steve"

This week was amazing!  we had an actividade de zona.  a babtismal.  I will tem um new companeto.  and I will probably be in estancia por um transfer but thats ok becuase i really like estancia! :D.
    So we had a babtism!!!!  The story of this person is really cool though.  Irmao steve (his name isnt steve, but im changing it for this letter >:D) is devorced and his son wasnt a member.  When he joined the church he decided that he wanted his son in the church as well :D.  So at first it didnt seem to be working.  However he prayed for his son for better part of a year (i think).  Two days ago his son was babtised and he is awesome!  I am really happy for them also!  They are my friends!  (everyone here is my friend now, i just decided :D).  
    Today i am kindof sad though becuase as i was thinking and i realized that my companion (elder alves) is going to leave on wednesday!  I dont want him to leave!  He is my friend...  I am going to get his email and keep in touch, but i dont know when i will see him again!  Its a really weird stur of emotions at the moment.  Everything will be fine though, becuase im going to make him promise to email me :D.
    Mikey was wondering if i was running into more obsticales and i just wasnt telling anyone.  As i think about it i can proudly say that i dont remember any :D.  I think this is not becasuse i havnt had any, but more that i know what i am doing.  I am on the lords errand, helping all come unto him.  I have a message for all to hear.  Also I try to think that everything is a learning experience.  When i think of things like this the bad times dont seem so bad, and i end up forgetting them :D.  Also I have felt so many blessings of the lord, how could i possibly dwell on the bad when there is so much good that i can rejoice about? :D 
Estancia Chapel
    Estancia has been my home for a few months now.  I really like it here!  The members are really amazing, there are a lot of people here that need our help, and I am finally starting to remember the names of people :D (names, dates, and these things are really challenging for me to remember :D, I am so glad i have a planner to write everything down :D).  Its also a very unique experience to find someone you know you can help, and then actually help them.  Its perhaps one of the best feelings that i can remember :D.
    I just want to say that I know the book of mormon is true.  I know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is the true church on the earth, and by abiding by its teachings we can one day be with heavenly father again, with all our family as well :D.  I know these things are true.  I also know that Heavenly father loves us and will answer our prays.  He loves all of us that much.  Its truly amazing :D.

May 5, 2014:
  This week was crazy!  and Fantabulous!
       So First thing that happened this week was my companion returned home (becuase his mission is over).  So i had like 4 days where i combined with another elder that is in a city really close to ours.  So we were working double duty and going and working in estancia, but also working in his city as well.  It was a busy time :D. however it was really fun :D.  Elder Alves (my old companion)  Was an amazing, diligent missionary.  Even though he was going home he worked to the very last second.  I want to do that to :D.
    We also had a babtism!  His name was Davi.  He is a really awesome kid.  He has about 8 years but he is part of a part member family.  His step dad is recently returning to the church and he is bringing his wife and 3 kids with him :D.  So this is really exciting! :D.  The members were really amazing as well, they brought juice and cake to the babtism, so i hope it is rememberable :D.
    I also got a new companion, his name is elder Beaty.  He is really awesome!  He is an american so he speaks english but we have a goal to speak nothing but portugese!  that was i can learn better portugese.  Because i can understand almost everything people say but when i talk people are having a hard time understanding what im saying.  So i am going to really work on my grammer this transfer! :D.
Estancia Branch
    I am also still in estancia!  This is going to be my 4th transfer in estancia and i am really excited!  estancia is progressings really well and it is by far my favorite area in my mission so far :D.  We have a lot of amazing investagators and i can wait to keep teaching them :D.  Helping other people learn about eternal happiness just never seems to get old :D.
    Also Today and this week especially i have been a little sad.  Not all the time, just in the quite moments at my house.  Today i finally figured out what it is.  I am making a lot of friends, meeting a lot of people and all these things give me great joy.  However as some of my friends start to go home, or go to other areas I start feeling like i will not see them for a really long time!  However I know its all right.  Also i have time on p P-day to email them so I will be able to keep in touch even today :D.
    Also i have been thinking about the great and glorious plan of salvation.  (becuse its really fun to teach to people :D).  However Its really a perfect plan.  I cant find a flaw in it.  Free agency is given to man, and the oportunity to return to the prescense of god is offered.  If we just follow the commandments we can be happy in this life.  Even the commandments are given to us that we may learn, and be protected from many of the plauges this world has.  However i feel that by far the best thing is simply the knowledge that death is not the end.  We will be with our family again.  The sorrow of death is swallowed up in christ.  But what does this phrase mean?  its simply means that Christ over came death, that he lives again, and becuase he lives, so shall we all.  So all those that have lost a loved one, and need some comfort.  Or just need help feeling better.  I have two suggestions.  First, pray for comfort.  For when we pray with faith, it will be given to us :D.  Second, study about the plan of salvation.  It has eternal principles that are amazing and can give us comfort.  We just need to know the plan.  learn from it, becuse it is a perfect plan :D.  I know that this is true.  and so can all you, through prayer, faith, and the loving power of god :D.
-Elder Darke

I'll update y 'all after I get to talk to him on Mother's Day, next week.  YAY!!  I also sent his birthday package. Thanks to all for your additions to that, it should be fun for him. Also, BIG thanks to those who are helping to support Elder Darke's mission. We love y'all!
Melanie (Mom)

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