Monday, April 21, 2014

Pasco, Our Dog Friend and Family History

Happy Easter, everyone!
Here's our message from our Elder:
 This week was super fantabulous and amazing!    We meet with the mission president, Had a lot of people attend sacrament meeting!  We also had another dog friend for a day! :D.  All in all, the branch here is growing, both with more people, and with the determination of the members to be great members :D.  Also Brazil celebrates Pasco (Easter)! :D
    So first I want to talk about our dog friend :D.  We were walking between appointments sunday and a dog of one of the members started following us.  At first we though it would soon leave and go back to its home.  It didnt.  It followed us from one side of Estancia to the other.  We were pretty sure it was lost and we didnt know what to do becuase the member wasnt home, and it wouldnt stop following us.  It was fun to have a dog friend though :D.  Eventually it stopped following us, but we still dont know if it made it back to his house or not.  This is the second dog that has done this :D.  
     Becuase of Pasco many people went on vacation, or to visit family so many people were not home :D.  Even so we had a lot of people at sacrament meeting! :D.  So This week was really exciting!  We are also going to have a super frequencia, or we are going to try and have an activity to bring as many people as physically possible to church.  We did this a little while ago and it worked really well.  So we have a lot of hope for this super fruequencia as well :D.
    We also had a zone meeting wednesday and after we were able to have interviews with the mission president.  It was fun, but i didnt have many questions for him :P.  So i dont know if that is good or bad :D.  Everything here is progressing well though.  My companeto has a week and a half left in his mission.  He is determined to work his hardest to the very last day.  So I am trying to work even harder then him!  That way its like a competition of hard working! :D.
    I had actually completly forgotten about Easter.  However the members started giving us a bunch of chockolate and easter eggs.  So that really helped me remember :D.  Easter its really cool on a mission though becuase you are teaching people about Jesus Chirst, both his teachings, and how, becuase he lives, so shall we all :D  Then Easter comes along and its like ´´im trying to teach people about what they are celebrating!´´ :D.  So its super cool to think about :D.  
    As I have been a missionary i have realized something that is really cool.  This work i am doing is work for the living.  Its to help all come unto Christ.  However there is another work that needs to be done by all of us.  That is the work for the dead.  Family history, and temple work is essential to the salvation of all.  There are people that are waiting for us to do this work.  They need our help.  They need helping to do the work that they themselves can not do, and we have the great privlige to help them.  Take some time out of your day, no matter how busy you might feel, just a few minutes can make a difference.  Once you have this time do some family history work.  Become part of the work of salvation, and feel the spirit of the lord as you help others.  For these people need your help.  
    I know this is the work of salvation and we all must play a part.  I know that God loves us all, and I also know that Jesus is the Chirst.    I know he lives, and I know that as he lives, so shall we all :D.  This i know to be true.  In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
-Elder Darke
All that I feel that I need to say is "Amen"
Love, Melanie (Mom)

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