Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conferencia, "Remember Who you are" and "There's always hope."

And here's from Elder Darke:
    This entire week I have been looking forward to conference.  Telling everyone that i could about it, and preparing for it. So i am probably going to talk alout about conference. :D.
    Me and my companion started this week with few good people to teach.  My companion is going to his home after this transfer, So he really want to help as many people as physically possible.  So with this is mind we set out to find all the elects that we can find.  It was a tiring week, of walking and doing everything we could to find these people.  I am happy to say that after our efforts we have yeilded some fruit.  We have found a few amazing people.  I cant wait to teach them this week :D.  We need to follow up with the invitations we gave them, and just like it was said in conference, we are going to be very diligent in invitations and then following up with those invitation with determination.
    Unfortunatly i was not able to watch preestood session.  However I was able to watch the other sessions.  It was amazing.  I feel so upbeet, i feel like i can take on the world and do anything that i set my mind to :D.  Ever sense yesterday i have been thinking of the things that i want to be able to do in my life.  The first thing i want to be able to do is serve my mission with full dedication.  With a focused heart, and with everything i have.  I know that i am not perfect.  I know that there are many things that i can be better at, but thanks to the amazing power of Jesus Cristo eu can become better.  i can be the person i want to be.  I am not limited by who i am now, but i can improve to one day be who i want to be.     Something that i really noticed was that conference really talked about obidence.  In the mission, there are many rules that we have.  With so many rules there are many oportunites to be obedient.  I have seen the power of a missionary who follows the rules.  It is simply that they have the spirit.  A missionary with the spirit can do miracles.  Just as any person that has the spirit can be influencial. Remember that one of the things that will aid us in our obedience is remembering who we are.  I remember as i left my house many times i would hear my moms voice saying ´´Remember who you are´´.  I always thought i knew the meaning of those words.  I now realize how little i realized.  Just think of the legecy that we have.  We are children of a loving heavenly father.  We are decendents of adam, and noah, two amazing prophets.  and probably many more.  Jesus Christ gave his life for all of us, and in these recent generations, our parents, and family love us imensily.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more waiting to be discovered.  Waiting for our curious minds to find them.
    This is a generation of amazing things.  Amazing responsibilites, and blessings.  It is our time to take advantage of the many thing we have to help other people that are unaware of the things that are available.  This is one of the most remarcable time in human history.  It is our time to work with every things we can!  Dont fall behind, dont stop for a break.  Dont take a breather.  If you do you might miss countiless oportunities.  Besides, You can sleep, breath, take a break, and all these things when all is done, and when our bodies and spirits separate for a short period.  For there are to many people to help, things to do, and christ like atributes to aquire.  We must keep keep working!  If we have fallen, and feel as though we have blown it.  The amazing Atonement of Christ can help us get up again.  It is not who we are now that defines us, but who we are striving to be.  Who we are striving to be.  Be dilligent, Be kind, and Listen to the adivce of your leaders, all of them :D.  (especially your parents) :D
-Elder Darke
P.s.  Please know that above all, there is hope.
I hope that you enjoy this Elder's messages as much as I do.  He is capable of uplifting me through my hardest days.
Melanie (Mom)

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