Monday, April 14, 2014

Acai, Elects and Mr. Bean

From our Elder:
   This week was amazing!  i went on a trade, talked to some good friends, made some new ones, Had many people at church, and today i will eat some acai! wooo! :D 
    This week we also made a special atempt to find as many elects as we could.  We found a decent number :D.  We just need to keep in contact and teach them.  :D.  One of the families we taught, we taught on saturday, and extended an invitation to come to church. when we passed by their house sunday morning to take them to church not only were they expecting us, they were all ready to go!  how cool is that? :D.  When we arrived at church i saw the coolest thing, the family had a young daughter (not super young, but young)  So we walked her to primary.  when she entered one of the other girls in primary walked up to her, gave her a big hug, and lead her to an empty seat!  I was stunned.  That is a girl that knows how to fellowship :D.  I found out later that they knew eachother and they went to the same school.  But still that is awesome! :D.
    I also went on a trade to a different area the other day.  Wednesday i think. :D.  (hard to remember when everything happened).  a friend of mine from my district in the MTC is serving in that area so we talked and laughed and had fun! :D.  We actually were laughing so hard that my stomache hurt afterwards. :D.  The only problem was most of it was in english, so we will have to do better at that :D.
    OH and before i forget becuase i have forgotten to talk about this for like 2-3 weeks in a row now, I recently received a package.  Actually i have 2 now.  I got one from my mom!  it was awesome!  and there were chocklate chips in it that actually hadnt all melted :D.  they were in great condition :D.  Also i got a package from my G-MA!  Two days ago :D.  It had an awesome letter, and some skittles!   wooo skilttles! :D.  so i was really excited.  i have also been playing with the pop its that i got.  Trying really hard not to get in trouble :D.
    For church we have 8 people go to church!  that is awesome!  the members really helped us with this becuase only 3 of them were actually us, but the members helped out with the other 5! :D.  What a great example of members helping the work move forward!  :D.  One of the members here actually brought 4 kids to church!  that is 4 people that have the oportunity to be happier in life!  So we just need to keep working with them :D.  I wish i could tell you about the amazing efforts of all the members, but for now, this will do. :D.
    So acai is like the best smashed fruit/ice cream stuff ever!    For the last 2 transfers i havnt eaten any and i am really excited to eat more!  the best part is my companion will buy it for me :D.  Becuase today we went to another area to visit some of his recent converts :D.  It was fun :D, but he is still totally buying me acai! woo! :D.  (really excited) :D
    I have been thinking alout about the preestood this week.  A lot becuse of conference, but also becuase I want to be a better preestood holder :D.  One of the things that i wish i did more before my mission was use the preestood.  So that was i could understand how to use it to bless people better :D.  I still feel like i am a newbie in the preestood.  Not that anything is wrong with that, but the preestood is gods power on the earth to help us.  Every time i think of it that way i am just filled with gratitude for my oportunidade para use th preestood para help other people.  Este e a great oportunity, e a great blessings as well :D.  I beleive, every man that has the preestood, weither it be aronic, or melquesidic needs to use it often, to help those that stand in need of help.  In every way possible.  That the love of god can be shown through these obedient, and worthy men.
-Elder Darke
P.s. i also tried writing a letter on a bus today, probably one of the hardest things i have done in a while.  To write it no, but to make the writing ledgable, yes :D.

Elder Darke also says that the members in the ward he is attending have started calling him Mr. Bean.  He is taking it as a compliment, for now!
Also, Elder Darke asked me how our family was introduced to the church, or how we ARE acquainted with it.  I will send him the stories that I know, but I thought that it would be wonderful if everyone sent their stories as well.  Whether you are a member, active or not, just familiar or not with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, send Elder Darke YOUR story.  I know that he'd love to hear it and share with others as well!
Well, that about sums it up! Have a wonderful Easter, everyone! We hope that you take time to reflect on the beautiful resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Melanie (Mom)

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