Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A "pockat" watch?, investigators, families and gratitude.

Here's the update from Elder Darke.  Sounds like he is progressing well and that he's probably lost a few things.  Just like him! Not much to report, which I take as good.  Sometimes more of the normal is a wonderful thing to hear!
From Elder Darke:
Another fantastic week!  (i know I say that a lot but this week was fantastic :D)
    So a few fun things that happened.
  1. I got a pockat watch (sort of).  Its really a normal watch but the strap part is gone so it is just the time recorder part.  But it makes me feel fancy :D.  
  2. I found out that I have actually eaten star fruit (I am not sure about this one, because i dont know the names of everything i eat :D)  It was in a star shape though so I am going with it :D.
  3.  I also got a letter from the first Presidency! :D.  It was a christmas letter, and i think most of the other missionaries also got one.  However it made me feel special.  and it took me like 20 minutes to figure out what it said :D.  I had to look up every other word :D.
  4.  We also had like 7 investagators come to church sunday!  It was amazing! Most of that was because of members to!  So it was really exciting! :D.
    So this week has been fun and special :D.  I am still far from being fluent.  However I know that as I study, work hard, and have the lords help I will learn!  My progress is amazing in this past few weeks, and I am excitied to see my progress in the future as well :D.  I am sure i will be fluent in no time :D.
    My companion and I have really been praying and asking for blessings for the people we teach.  I am so grateful for the amazing and wonderful things that heavenly father gives us.  As I study the lessons that we teach people I am even more greatful as I learn of things that he has given us.  For starters he gave us all bodies, and an opirtunity to come to earth.  On earth he gave us the gospel (a road map to get back to his presence).  To help us further he gives us blessings on a daily basis!  He is really doing everything that he can to help us grow, learn, and return to him.  The best part is though, even for all the things that i am grateful for, there is undoubtedly thousands of more things that I have not even noticed.  His kindness and grace can hardly be comprehended.  Oh how grateful for these things I am :D.
    Something that really made an impression on my mind this week is the important role of families.  Especiall the roles of parents in the family.  Here I have seen all kinds of different family situations.  Every situation is different, however I have noticed what a difference it makes when there are two loving parent at the head of a family.
    The family proclamation (from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)  is absolutly true.  When the family is established and follows the direction in the family proclamation, it is so much better then otherwise it would be.  I am grateful for the guidance the church gives all of us in these sort of circumstances.
    My freinds, as we go about every day, do we have the attitude of gratitude that we should have?  Just think of everything you have.  God created it all for you.  Everything.  This planet.  The air we breath, the water we drink.  The Food we eat, and our bodies that we eat it with.  Heavenly father truly has done so much for us.  Have we noticed it all though? Or are we taking most of it for granted?  I know that I am taking most of it for granted, however I am trying to be grateful for everything :D.

People that have heard about Marissa's (Galen's sister) injury - she is doing better and hopefully will not have any long term problems with the concussion.  Now, the nose?  Surgery will take care of that in a month or so!  I think that she misses her brother so much, she wants to mimic his soccer injuries as well! Thanks to everyone for your continued support and love for our family!  It truly can take a village to raise good kids!
Love, Melanie (Mom)

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