Monday, February 10, 2014

Portuguese Baptisms and some Good Reading!

This week's email from Elder Darke:
This week was extra fantastic!
    One of our investagators was babtised!  Wooo!  So I am still really happy becuse of that :D.  That was like the highlight of the week!  It was amazing!  and I was the one that babtised him!  and i felt kind of bad because the water was freezing cold, and he was shivering really bad.  I didnt think about that when i was putting ice in the pool :D.  (just kidding, I only thought about doing it, didnt actually do it :D).  Second portugese babtism!  It went really well!  Once again the hardest part was the name!  I had my companion there to help though so it was fine :D.  So this area is offically amazing!  I like being able to help people learn about the gospel and come unto Christ :D.
    Transfers is comming up and our area is getting more missionaries.  So we should have 4 in our house :D.  Its going to be fun :D.  I kind of hope they are all brazilians because then i will be completly fluent in no time :D.  (I am not yet fluent, working on it, but not quite there :D).  All the members here are also getting excited for the extra missionaries :D.  I think we are going to have a lot of babtisms in this area in the comming transfers :D.  There are a lot of people here that are super freindly and are probably just waiting for the gospel :D.  
    Oh and for those of you that have been looking for a good book.  (and i know many of you like to read).  I would recomend the book ´´Jesus the Christ´´ by James E Talmage.  It is amazing!  Have you ever had a question about Jesus Christ?  I am pretty sure this book will answer your question.  If your thinking, ´´uh i can barly understand the bible, i am not sure i would understand much about this book either´´  Think again!  This book clarifies everything in simple, easy to understand launguage!  and its just plain awesome!
    If your thinking ´´i want a book with some more action!´´  Then read the book of mormon!  That book is chaulked full of action!  Maybe the story of Ammon defending the kings sheep, or the young Strippling warriors, Or even captain moroni and His mighty deeds!  So much amazingness! but why should we keep this to ourselves?  There are people all around us that would love to read, or hear about this stories!  So have an extra book of mormon with you, and give it to one of your many freinds, you never know what will happen :D.  If you need help explaining what it is, I am sure the missionaries, the bishop, or even your parents would love to help you practice explaining so you can do it effectivly when the time comes :D.
    For our lunch appointment the other day this is what we helped the members with.  I for one, was extremly supprised at their insight, and their skill at explaining.  I am not sure how well i would have explained it before my mission, and even now I probably could do better then I am :D.  Now I am not saying they were perfect, but they dont need to be.  Then knew what they were talking about was true, and that itself provides more power then most other things.  All they need now is just the opportunity to share, and I am sure that heavenly father has more then enough opportunites for those who ask for them :D.
    Remember people have agency, its one of the most precious gifts god has given to man.  No matter if they refuse it or not, one thing everybody needs it a friend.  Be a friend, be friendly.  Help all those that need it.  For when we do this we show our faith powerfully.  Actions speak louder then words.  So do good, for those that do good eventually will receive their reward.
-Elder Darke
P.s. As the apostle Paul taught ´´avoid the appearance of evil´´ This is wise coucil. :D.

It continually amazes me, the council that Elder Darke gives every week!  He is growing and gives strength to everyone else, always!
Love, Melanie (Mom)

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