Sunday, February 23, 2014

Transfers, Prayers and More Spelling Oddities

   Sorry everyone!  I'm sure that you were expecting a post from Elder Darke last Monday!  We were on vacation and I couldn't get to it.  Just think, it'll be an extra special week, you'll get to read two.
  Also, several people (concerned grandmas mostly!) have wondered about Elder Darke's spelling.  They have been wondering why I haven't corrected it or corrected him directly.  I think that I may have shared this in the past, but I want to share his general emails directly as he has written them.  Those who know Elder Darke well know that he has always struggled with his spelling and memory.  Leaving his grammatical errors shows how our Heavenly Father is performing miracles in helping Elder Darke's learn Portuguese and giving him Divine Intervention when he needs it most.  It may seem silly to many, but I can assure you that it has been a major comfort for Galen (and his mother!). As far as it being a schooling issue, I can assure you that he has had a great education with better than average grades and will go far in his life.
  At last, from Elder Darke:
This week was awesome!
    My companion was kind of freeking out all week becuase today is transfers and we dont know if we are getting transfered or not until sunday night.  So He was making sure I would remember everything if he left.  He didnt.  That is ok though :D.  I like him as a companion :D.  He got premoted to district leader though :D.  So instead of transfers he is nervous about that :D.  I am sure he will be fine though :D
    So i forgot about valentines day.  It was a good day though.  However it was totally forgotten :D.  I just remembered becuse I had a few emails that mentioned it :D.  The brazilians dont have valentines day, so it was pretty easy to forget.  They have a different holiday though called carnival or something. Ya, I have no idea what is going to happen :D.  I think we are suppost to stay inside for a few days though.  Thats going to be fun :D
    We have some amazing investagators.  The hardest part seems to be getting them to read, and pray about the book of mormon though.  We have one family that is amazing!  However they are having a hard time reading and praying and we are just like uhh!  come on!  There is so much peace and happiness you can have, you just need to do this easy thing that takes less time then walking to the store and buying a can of happiness (if they actually existed!)  uhh!  so frustrating!  However everyone has their free agency though.  I just hope they start using it to read and pray though :D.
    The power of prayer is truly amazing.  You are litterally talking to our heavenly father who loves us!  How amazing is that!  prayer by itself is pretty wonderful, but i find that praying with a purpose really helps a person understand just how loving our heavenly father is.  That he takes the time to listen, and respond to our prayers is a wonder.  Dont take my word for it though.  Go and pray for yourself and find out exactally what I am talking about.

First: Adress who you are talking to (our heavenly father)
Second: express gratitude for your blessings
Third: Ask him for anything you need.
Fourth: close in the name of Jesus Christ.

  Prayer is a personal thing though.  You are litterally talking to your loving father in heaven.  Tell him anything you want.  pour your heart out to him.  He will listen to everything you have to say.  and finally when you ask for things that you need, be patient.  He always answers our prays, but often he does so in a way we do not realize or recognize, and he is all knowing.  So he answers our prays in a way that is best for us, even if sometimes that means waiting a little while before we get an answer.  However I promise he will answer.  He want to hear from us, and I rather enjoy talking to him, Becuase he really loves me :D.  Just remember Everything works out in the end, even if it doesnt. :D
-Elder Darke

I read the things this young man says and I wonder, "What happened to my little boy?"  I am constantly impressed at how much Elder Darke has grown and proud of the way he continues to affect others lives, including my own.  What an example of Christ like Love.
  Have a great Sabbath!
Love, Melanie (Mom)

P.S. By the way, if anyone wants to leave messages to this blog, they will find their way to Elder Darke.  We also plan on printing the blog in it's entirety to make a book once Galen has returned from his mission. Yah!

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